There are a lot of fun crafts for Shavuot that you can do with your class. Shavuut falls on the 6th of Sivan on the Jewish calendar. On our Gregorian calendar, Shavuot falls anywhere from mid-May to early June. The holiday falls on the fiftieth day after Passover.


What is Shavuot?

Shavuot is a two day festival that celebrates the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai. In Israel, it is celebrated for one day. It is tradition to read from the book of Ruth, as well as to eat one dairy meal. Homes and synagogue are decorated with flowers and other greenery because when the Torah was given at Mount Sinai, the barren desert bloomed with flowers.

In the Reform movement, tenth grade students hold a Confirmation ceremony, in which they reaffirm their commitment to studying Torah and to Judaism.



Teaching Your Students About Shavuot


For young children, the Ten Commandments are beyond their ability to comprehend. And to be honest, some are not age appropriate. Do you really want to discuss adultery with your first graders?

Instead of ten commandments, we teach the younger children about "10 Good Rules". They are:


There is Only One G-d

Pray to Only One G-d

No Bad Words Should Be Spoken

Celebrate Shabbat

Honor Your Parents/Be Kind to Your Parents

Don't Hurt Each Other

Married People Should Love Each Other

Do Not Steal

Do Not Lie

Be Grateful for What You Have

Crafts for Shavuot


There are different crafts that you can do with your class to celebrate Shavuut.

Make Your Own Ten Commandments


For this Shavuot craft, you can use the kinder Ten Commandments listed above, or you can brainstorm with your class Ten Commandments for Home.





Thin black markers

Gray crayons

Find or make a template for the tablets, trace onto cardstock and cut them out for you class. Fold them in half and draw light lines in pencil for the children to write the commandments. They can trace over them in marker. Shade in the tablets with gray crayon.

Coffee Filter Flowers


Since the story of Shavuot tells us about how the earth bloomed in the desert, a flower craft for Shavout would tie in nicely.



Large coffee filters

9 x 12 construction paper

Stems and leaves pre cut


Dot markers

Give each child a coffee filter and let her decorate it with the dot markers. Then have them glue the stem, flower and leaves to the construction paper. You can make this a bulletin board for the end of the year.

Leaf Garland with Hebrew Names


Before you make the craft for Shavuot, you will need to ask the parents what their child's Hebrew name is. If possible, have it written in Hebrew for you.



Leaf templates

Green construction paper

Gold glitter


Black marker


Long string

Have leaf templates for the children to trace, making sure the stem portion is thick and long. If they are old enough, they can trace them and cut them out. Have them write their Hebrew name on the leaf in thin black marker. Swirl glue around the edges and add glitter.

When it is dry, fold each leaf's stem over the string and hang up.

Flower Variation of this Shavout craft:


You can also try this with a flower template. Each child can trace and cut their own flowers and put their Hebrew name on the first one so they can identify it as theirs. Use different colored construction paper and different kinds of glitter.

Have fun using these Shavuot crafts to brighten up your holiday celebration!