Not until the weather forecast begins to drop hints about impending snow, does the average individual let their minds drift to the bothersome job of clearing out the driveway.

As sure as the winter brings the first snowfall, the shoveling begins in clearing light snow from the walkways. The next day gives more snow and the snow plows keep piling the snow at the end of the drive.

Slowly the sounds of grunting coming from shoveling jobs turn into the soft growling of a snow blower speeding down driveways. Snow plumes shoot victoriously into the air, and the sounds of victory never sounded sweeter.

More than likely those snow blowers are the Craftsman snow blowers that have a reputation for being tough and durable. When the name Craftsman is mentioned, the thought of a tough well built piece of machinery or tool is immediately brought to mind.

It is not hard to see why, when looking at the Craftsman snowblowers line of dual-stage snow blowers. With a 180 degree swivel snow chute, the Briggs & Stratton engine takes to the snow like a pro.

An electric start and a six speed forward with a two reverse gear system, makes for easy maneuverability. This Craftsman snow blower comes with a headlight that enables a full day of winter fun in the snow clearing driveways and walkways galore.

Although a bit on the pricey side, its durability can readily be counted on for an overall great return on the investment. The Craftsman snowblowers are just exceptionally designed at taking on those difficult to maneuver walkways and driveways.

This is no doubt one the best snow blower on the market. The dual-staged self-propelled blower sports a heavy-duty auger and impeller that really blows the snow further away from the paths that are being cleared than single-stage throwers.

Although both work very well, the dual-stage blower really eats up snow, as it works to clear paths efficiently. The dual-stage snow blowers in the Craftsman line have double augers that make hardy use of their impellers.

These dual-stage heavy-duty workers really end up making a difference when it comes to step grades and deeper inclines. The Craftsman blowers have a two year warranty against failure of the engines.

The down side is the fact that the warranty is only for residential use of the Craftsman blower. As usual, the type of snow blower that is needed for clearing away those snowy drives and walkways depend on the regional area.

A region that is saturated with light snow falls will have a need for the single-stage snow thrower. The regional areas that are heavily buried under hardy snowfalls can make good use of the dual-stage snowblowers.

Next winter season when the weather forecaster starts hinting at the sign of the first snowfall, Craftsman snow blowers will be brought out of storage. Joining in the celebration of other snowblower enthusiasts, many more individuals are investing in snow blowers.

With their newly purchased snow blowers they will have a fighting chance to get back at Old Man Winter and his army of snow plows.