If you are in the market for a new or used car and reside in San Diego County, there are many classified ad resources available at your fingertips. But which one will allow you the ease of searching for your new car from the comforts of your own home and offers trusted sellers? Craigslist. Join the 50 million users per year using craigslist as their own personal home shopping network.

Craigslist has become a popular alternative to eBay, whereas you can search locally for an item your heart desires. There are thousands of postings to choose from ranging from the year/make/model to whether the vehicle is posted for sale by owner or by a dealer. Because craigslist is a free site to sellers and buyers, you can find affordable craigslist cars in San Diego to suit any need and budget. From inland to coastal, there is a car in your area.

It is as easy as logging into your computer and pulled up craigslist.com. Once you enter the site you will have the option to choose a city or county to search in. Once you have picked your city, or that of surrounding cities, you will be able to filter your search by automobiles for sale. You can even select a price range in which you are shopping. You will be surprised to find how many vehicles a for sale locally that fit your budget. Another great feature aside from price range, is that unlike local newspaper classified, craigslist allows sellers to post several photos of their vehicle to allow the buyer to see if it's the right choice for them before even setting up an appointment to view the car. This is a great time-saver. For ads posted by the seller without a photo, it is as simple as emailing the owner and requesting they email you a picture so you can assess the condition of that vehicle. Most sellers will post prior damage or mechanical malfunctions within their ad, along with the vehicles mileage and any recent repairs done to the vehicle. There are competitive prices listed on San Diego Craigslist cars for sale. Most owners will research the Kelley Blue Book value of their car and post it close or below the used car sales price. You will find many owners are willing to part with their vehicles for lower if they are in a need for fast cash.

It is suggested to search craigslist daily, or even every few hours to find new listings. Cars tend to go fast if they are reasonably priced. If you have a specific vehicle in mind, try going back through older postings and contacting the seller to see if the car is still available. Owners with postings that have not sold within a few weeks or even days may be more likely to bargain with you. If you are in the market for a popular model, such as a Honda, be sure to contact the seller immediately! Make sure to have a plan mapped out when buying a car. Once you have found the car suitable for you and your budget set up a time in the day to inspect the car. Make sure to ask the owner for a car history report, as well as previous maintenance records such as oil changes and repair receipts. It is suggested to have a trusted mechanic inspect the car as well. In the excitement, people tend to overlook these steps, but as long as you follow them you will have the bargaining power of a serious buyer.

After you finally have the keys in hand, you can now drive off the with a smile on your face. You did your research and purchased a quality preowned car while also saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars. So be proud of yourself, and remember you did it by using Craigslist cars.