Several people have been made aware of the Craigslist tutor scam by their own experience and so others should be notified so that it does not happen to them. The name and location always changes so do not worry about that. Consider my story and what I noticed about the person before realizing it was a scam. This should help others recognize scams.

I saw an ad for a student needing tutoring, so I replied to the ad. The person responded with many legitimate concerns. The person said that his 12-year-old son would be coming from the United Kingdom to the United States and he wants his son to learn American history and the English language. He said that he would not be coming with him but he said that there would be a translator with him.

This sounded fishy because any person who lived in England would want to come to the United States to learn English. The person would just stay in England. Also, if he wanted his son to learn American history, he could just as easily have his son tutored in England or could wait until American history is discussed in school.

The person also said that he wanted his son to be tutored for two weeks straight. No one in their right mind would send someone on vacation to be tutored for two hours a day for two weeks straight.

Though it seemed strange that this man's son would be traveling without his family, this might make sense if he was sending his son somewhere memorable. However, his son was going to Indianapolis, Indiana. I should have considered it a scam on this alone.

The person later sent me information about the payment. At this point, I realized that this was probably a scam. He said that a" check would be made out for the cost of the services you are
rendering, also for the living expense and logistic /traveling agent." It would be my responsibility to send the extra money to the logistic/traveling agent. If this wasn't a scam, a tutor would never be responsible for receiving the money; it would be the logistic/traveling agent. Furthermore, though his language skills were poor, if this person was really from England, he would not have written "check" but "cheque."

He asked for my address for the sending of the check. I foolishly responded with my address and told him not to send a check with extra money on it. I thought it was a scam, but I did not want to accuse this person of scamming me if he was a legitimate person. So soon I will receive a check in the mail that I will disregard.

For those who wonder if they are being scammed, if something does not sound right, it is not right. If someone sends money before the job has even begun, then it is a scam. If someone wants you to send money to another person, then it is a scam. If someone hires you for a job without speaking with you, then it is probably a scam.

The best way to receive payment has always and will always be cold hard cash. Meet locally and deal locally.