A Fifty year old can trace the used car buying process back to a time when your first point of contact was at a place called "Juniors' Used Car Lot". The trace continues to a webpage containing craigslist used cars. Purchasing a car through Craigslist has become one of the most popular ways to purchase and sell used vehicles. Available worldwide, this business from the San Franciso Bay area ranks eighth on the list of most viewed websites.

Shopping among craigslist used cars, warrants some instruction to avoid possible scams. If you are in the market for a used car, this resource can be likened to shopping in a diamond mine. Just like in any diamond market venue however, there are going to be imposters. Scams are easy and numerous because Craigslist is a free advertising website. The scams are not exclusive to sellers however. Some scammers pose as buyers. A few popular scams are related to:

1. Checks
2. Wire transfers using Western Union
3. VIN numbers and stolen cars
4. Dealers posing as private owners to avoid fees
5. Damaged and defected vehicles

So it is a good idea, as well as a favorable one to make a selection locally. The convenience of being able to travel a short distance to view the vehicle and take it to be inspected saves time, money and is recommended. There are no surprises after shipment or long travel following this suggestion. Another way to avoid loss is to obtain a CarFax report which shows maintenance and title history, in addition to accidents. For thirty dollars, this is valuable information. It is customary for the prospective buyer to finance pre-purchase inspections and reports.

Shopping for a used car on craigslist can offer a plethora of options from your computer. Pictures may be provided from different angles of the vehicle. It is advisable to ask for more if necessary. Narrowing down your search to coupes or sedans is as simple as doing a keyword search. Private owners are also differentiated from dealers. Of course a search can be defined by price range, year, make, and model as well.

If financing is needed there are lenders online to assist. Although lenders also advertise on craislist further investigation may be needed. Because there are so many shoppers scoping craigslist used cars, you may want to start the communication process with prospects as soon as possible. Aside from following a few precautions, shopping among craigslist used cars can be a success.