Oh no! That test is right around the corner and you haven't even begun to look at the notes! What do you do to make sure you pass? Follow some of these simple tips to help you get that information quickly and effectively!

1. Incorporate something you know- It may sound silly, but incorporating sayings or statements into something you can easily remember can help remember those difficult words and make them simpler. For example, the order of operations is Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiply, Divide, Add, Subtract. This is more commonly referred to as Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally. Silly sayings will help your memory recognize words by remembering a reason you laughed at that word or something along those lines. 

2. Skim through the chapter- You are probably not going to have time to read the entire chapter and remember every word! Focus on defined words or bolded words. If a problem is presented, look at the examples and diagrams to give you a better understanding of the material rather than reading words that are there for fluff in the text. A teacher will usually mention the material that should be focused on! 

3. Study in a group- The saying 2 heads are better than one are certainly true when it comes to studying! Having more than one person will bring about more than one concept or thought when it comes to certain material. Also, instead of searching and searching for answers, a peer may be able to answer it for you quickly and saving you time. Having friends around you could relieve stress and help you focus better.

4. Go to the library-Ewww the library? Believe it or not this is the best place to go! Finding ways to distract yourself, like you could at home, are eliminated here and your main focus is to work and study. This could help greatly in eliminating procrastination like you did before having to cram! This, once again, is also a location where friends could be found and unlimited sources of knoeledge could be found at the library.

5. Make a study guide- All that extra work? What for? Well, this involves retyping and reviewing the material at the same time. This gets you even more used to seeing the information and also helps organize it all into one source! Killing two birds with one stone and saving time. It is also a way to quickly review the day after to refresh your memory, which could make a difference right before the test. 

I hope this helps you pass your test and have confidence in yourself! If you go in with negative thoughts, you'll surely come out with negative results. Try your best and remember that there is always the next one to improve on. 

Goodluck studying to all!