Are you experiencing cramping during pregnancy and are worried? There could be many common causes to these cramps. Some of which should cause absolutely no alarm for you. But it is understandable because you want to protect that unborn person who is growing inside of your body.

Actually the growth of your baby is something that in itself will cause you cramping. Your ligaments will stretch and may cause you to cramp up when you move around. Most likely you will really notice this during the weeks of fourteen to twenty.

Your uterus is not only growing in size, but your baby will be growing and causing pressure on your ligaments. The growth is not large enough though so that the bones of your pelvis have begun to help with the support. If you feel these types of cramps you can lie down and relax and it should go away. Placing a hot water bottle on that area may help it disappear a bit quicker.

While even cramps can be experienced during sex, it is due to the blood flow and how it may increase to the pelvic region. Fear of hurting the baby during sex could be causing you to tense up and cause the cramps to happen. Discussing your worries with a doctor will help you feel a bit safer about your options during pregnancy when it comes to sex.

You may also begin to feel the Braxton-Hicks contractions of your uterus tightening as early as your fourth month of pregnancy. But normally it will be more prominent during the sixth month or even seventh month. It is the way that your uterus is getting ready to push the baby out when it is ready. They can last a time of thirty seconds and up to two full minutes.

If you have more than four contractions within an hour you should call a doctor or go to the emergency room. If you notice a discharge from your vagina you should also head to see a doctor. As long as you do not have serious bleeding during these cramping periods you should be okay.