Crane Operator Jobs - Skilled Labor for Construction Sites

Crane operator jobs are available all across the globe as cranes are used for most type of commercial construction as well as roads, bridges, lakes and dams. Schools are available for people wishing to take instruction, although many construction companies particularly in rural areas or smaller towns will teach someone who is willing to learn, thus providing on the job training. The pay for construction jobs is generally good although in some instances the jobs may be seasonal unless the employee is willing to travel.

Training for Crane Operator Jobs

Training for crane operator jobs may be accomplished on the site where the employer or another skilled employee will teach someone the basics and how to operate the machinery. Schools are available for states which require licensing of crane operators and will provide certification upon the completion of the course. California for instance requires certification even of existing operators of cranes and many courses have been designed to help the operator pass the exams.

Types of Crane Operator Jobs

Many types of crane operator jobs exist throughout the world; any major building construction project as well as mines and bridges require cranes. Some crane operators will specialize in a certain field, such as loading containers onto ships at the dock. A small one man construction company may use a crane or dragline to dig fish ponds or ditches to drain wet meadows or fields. Skyscrapers employ cranes to lift steel beams and other construction materials hundreds of feet into the air using telescoping and jointed booms. Truck cranes are used for smaller projects and are able to be moved easily to and from the site as needed.

Crane operator jobs can be stressful depending upon the circumstances the operator is working. The safety of others around him as well as himself are tantamount at all times so care must be taken prior to swinging the boom to ensure no one is standing in the way and before setting the load into place. Generally in building construction someone outside the crane is helping the operator to ensure correct placement and that no one is in the way. In rock and dirt moving the safety is vital, however the placement of the load may not have to be quite as precise.

Searching for Crane Operator Jobs

Many sites exist which are able to aid in the search for crane operator jobs as with all employment services such as monster among others. These are nationally listed online and will be broken down into states and cities within them; often the price per hour is listed as well. Searching for a crane operator jobs locally may involve visiting local construction companies or companies that have bid on a local road or bridge job. These companies often need additional local employees and will advertise through newspapers for help on projects. Purchasing a crane or dragline is another job option for someone wishing to pursue their own business. Just as with trucking, some construction companies will hire one self employed crane operators who own their own equipment. Bidding on small local private jobs which may include building a driveway, draining a ditch or building a fish pond are just a few other ways to begin making a living from crane operator jobs.

Pay scale for Crane Operator Jobs

The pay scale for crane operator jobs varies according to the region, although it is generally on the upper side of most construction jobs. One listing offers 21 dollars an hour at 40 hours a week, while some are as low as 12 dollars an hour for the same work. Private contractors may charge more but will have considerably higher costs when figuring the cost of machinery, repairs, insurance and fuel. Specialty jobs exist which may pay more, such as barge loading, weights over 100 tons and jobs that also carry are a premium may be located where no one really wants to go for extended periods. Pipelines, oil and gas rigs are other avenues for finding well paying crane operator jobs.

Crane operator jobs are positions which will always be in demand and steadily increase as new construction projects are begun as well as to repair older bridges and dams. These jobs generally will pay well per hour and may provide the opportunity to work overtime particularly in the summer, with winter lay offs depending upon where the operator is located. Some crane operator jobs are available for people willing to live on the road and travel throughout the country on various construction projects.