The Holidays are here. It is time
to deal with all those people that you have been trying to avoid all year. Yep,
I’m talking about (you guessed it) family. Whether it is your own family, or
your spouse’s family, you are going to have to put up with a lot in the next
couple of months.

No doubt you are stressing about
Thanksgiving and Christmas with the parents. How many attacks will your spouse
have to endure from your mom this year? Will dad remind me, like he does every
year, how disappointed he is that you didn’t follow in his footsteps? How much
money will my aunt, uncle, or siblings be asking to borrow this year? The list
of questions and worries could go on forever. Just make sure you have a good
stiff drink within arm’s length if you want to remain sane. That seems to work
for my wife and me. I think that the best way to deal with all the stress is
just to remember that it is only once a year, and soon they will be dead

All joking aside here is what I
believe to be the best ways to deal with your parents this year.

           1.The smile and nod method.

      Whatever your mom or dad says to you just remember that they are the
      rants of older close minded people that are set in there ways. So, smile and

          2.The “Smells like something is burning”

              If you feel like mom or dad is starting to get under your spouse’s skin
              you have to play interference. Try something like “Do you smell that? Smells like something is burning” Or, if you have a smart phone, download an app that makes your phone ring. Fake an   incoming call and let your spouse it is for her.

            3. Lastly The “You’re right” method

                This is a good one if you can swallow your pride and do it. Just say, “You’re
                right”.Don’t fight it. Just let it happen. You will make your parents happy and all yelling
                can be avoided. I can’t personally pull this one off, but if I could I know the
                holidays would go much smoother.

    Now I realize there are some people out there and get along just fine with the parental units, and that is great.
    Your holidays will be a fun and loved filled event, so enjoy. As for the rest
    of us, we will be counting the minutes till we can go home. So just booze it up
    and good luck this holiday season.