Crate training a puppy is not rocket science and can actually be done quite easily without too much hassle. You want to make sure you start as early in your puppy's life as possible so lets get started...

First of all, crate training is more than just housebreaking or potty training. It sets the entire foundation for all the obedience training you do in the future. If you do this early on, you will be able to let your puppy know that it is you who is the master and not him.

Your puppy needs to feel safe and secure. Luckily, you can provide this safe haven in the form of a comfortable crate. Dogs have a natural tendency to live in dens and your crate is a den within your home, this will leave your puppy with a nice sense of security and safety.

Make sure the crate you buy is of very high quality. There are different types of crates you could use for crate training a puppy, but I recommend you go with a wire one if possible. This way you can adjust how large or small it is depending on the size of your puppy and you can make it larger as she grows bigger.

You want the crate to be big enough, but not too big. Just enough room to stand up and turn around. If it is any bigger than that it will not seem like a den anymore.

The premise of create training a puppy is that your pup will not want to make a mess in her own special den. All dogs have a natural tendency not to go to the bathroom where they sleep. You are using this instinct to your advantage.

Is your puppy having a hard time going into the crate or maybe feeling a bit apprehensive? Don't worry, that is normal. You need to establish the crate as a positive experience. So make sure to put a special treat or a fun toy inside so your pup will go in after it. Once she has her treat, go ahead and shut the door and make sure praise your puppy and remain positive and enthusiastic.

Don't leave your puppy in a crate for hours. Short periods of time work best while giving her plenty of outside time and lots of affection.

Just make sure you do all you can to not make the crate seem like a punishment. Never use your puppy's crate as a time out. Make sure that every crate experience is done in love a positivity.