Many people simply don't live close enough to a Crate and Barrel outlet store to take advantage of the extreme savings.If you are one of the lucky few, you may be able to really capitalize and save some serious money.These stores sell a little of everything and are well known for their quality. I would like to show you were some of the Crate and Barrel outlets are located, and give you some additional options, just in case there isn't one near you. Since they sell higher end home furnishing, finding one of these stores may help you save a few bucks. Only a small handful of states actually have physical stores, so you may have to shop online.Note:I am not going to offer locations for the Crate and Barrel stores.There are over 170 stores owned by this company, but only a small handful are considered to be an actual outlet.


Luckily for Californians, there are three Crate and Barrel outlet locations in the state.Hopefully you are located near one of the stores, so you can take advantage of savings and high quality furniture you are likely to find.Since California is the only state with three locations, I'll break them down, so it's a little bit easier to follow.Here are the ones in California.

Cabazon: Located on Seminole drive, you can shop at this store Monday through Saturday from 10-8 and on Sundays from 10-7.

Carlsbad:If you live near Carlsbad, California, you may be able to visit the Crate and Barrel outlet in this location.Located on Paseo Del Norte, this store is open 10-9 Mondays through Saturday and on Sundays from 10-8.

Berkeley:Located on 4th street in Berkeley, you can shop 7 days a week from 10-8.


Unfortunately there is only one Crate and Barrel outlet location in Florida.It's on Sawgrass Mills Circle, in Sunrise, Florida.You can shop 10-9 Monday through Saturday, but the store closes an hour earlier on Sundays.You can still shop online if this one is too far away to make the drive.


You have a couple of Crate and Barrel outlet stores near you, if you live in Illinois.Those near Chicago can visit the store on Clybourn Avenue.This location is open Monday through Friday 9:30-8, on Saturday 9:30-7, and Sunday 10-6.Those not in this area may wish to visit check out the store in Naperville.It's on W. Jefferson Avenue, and is open Monday through Friday 9-8, they close an hour earlier on Sunday.This location is open 11-6 on Sunday.With some luck, you will be close enough to this Crate and Barrel outlet to justify the drive.


Sorry folks, if you live in Maine, you only have one option.This Crate and Barrel outlet is located on US Route 1.It's open Monday through Saturday from 10-8, but closes two hours earlier on Sunday.

New Jersey:

The folks of New Jersey can check out the Crate and Barrel outlet in Cranbury.It's located on Cranbury half acre road.Monday through Friday, 10-6 and they stay open an hour later on Saturday, and open one hour later on Sunday.

New York:

If you live near Bluebird court in New York, you may want to check out the store.They are open from 9-9 every single day.This is the only Crate and Barrel outlet located in New York.


There are just two Crate and Barrel outlet locations in Texas.The first is out on Inwood Road.They have varying hours of operation, so it may be wise to give them a phone call before you run out there.In San Marcos, you can visit the store out on IH-35 South.This one is open from 10-9 Monday through Saturday, while on Sundays the close the shop two hours earlier.


There are two Crate and Barrel outlet locations for those living in Virginia.The first one is in on Fort Evans Road N.E., Leesburg.This one is open 9-9 Monday through Saturday.Like most others, they close the shop an hour early on Sunday.If this location will not work, try the store in Alexandria on Prince Street.Hopefully you live close enough to one or the other to make it worth the trip to the Crate and Barrel outlets.


You can visit the online Crate and Barrel outlet site.You will still be able to take full advantage of some great deals, but you will only see a photo.Many of us like to hold the items in our hand before we make a purchase.Still, it's a great option when the stores just aren't close enough to take advantage of the savings Crate and Barrel outlets offer.

When you shop online, you can usually get free shipping, depending on when you make your purchase.This means you can save some money.In fact, this could make online buying from the Crate and Barrel outlet even more cost effective, since you won't have to spend money on gas to get back and forth.

Quick background:

While I cannot offer a complete history of Crate and Barrel outlets, I can offer you a quick look at their background and what made them so popular, despite being a fairly small company.

·The company opened up the first shop in 1962.It was in Chicago, Illinois.

·They specialize in housewares and furniture.There is very little variance with this.

·CB2 is there sister store.They specialize in home furnishings for young adults.

·Land of Nod is another sister store which sells home furnishings and gifts for kids.

·There is a relatively large shopping center owned by this company in Toronto, Ontario and one in Calgary.This made the company international.

·Online sites claim the company is attempting to branch out more.

·You can shop Crate and Barrel outlet deals online, through the company website.

·Most products are high end.The quality is quite good.

When you are looking for some decent home furnishings, you may want to consider Crate and Barrel outlets.You will find high quality items, at prices that are decent, considering the level of quality you will get. The quality is what makes Crate and Barrel outlets so unique.