crate boxes

Various different Crate boxes on sale for storage and shelving including wooden crate boxes of different sizes, thickness and weights. These are all on sale at various places online and for really reasonable prices. If you need a crate box you wont be too far off finding one.

You may be wondering if you do actually need a crate box. Well if it's commercial use or home use there are plenty of uses for crate boxes. They can be used to package or store many items such as wine bottles and fruits. Its surprising how many people simply throw the crates out after unpacking when they could hold on to them as they are very useful items.

If you have space under the bed then a crate box is ideal as they are almost a perfect fit. Many people simply just put stuff under a bed which can get incredibly messy and dusty however if you put all these items into a crate it would help keep things much cleaner and organized.

You could store plants in your crates. This is quite a surprisingly stylish move and can actually look really great in any household. It also makes it easier to move the plants around so they can get the optimal amount of sunlight. Just fill a crate box with soil and you have yourself a new free planting box.

You can even use crates to help feed your pets. Turn the crate box upside down and cut a hole big enough to fit 2 bowls. One for food and one for water. Once that's done you have just saved yourself money on having to buy a pet feeder.

Crate Boxes can even be used as great footrests or even little mini coffee tables. Depending on the size of them and the size of your sofa these can be a perfect height for resting your feet or even just putting coffee and other beverages on if you don't have a coffee table.

A lot of people think of crate boxes as tatty old things but if you clean them up, remove all the labelling or even paint them they can look very stylish and be a welcome addition to most households.

So if the next time you receive items in a crate think ahead and don't throw the crate out as it will save you money in the long run.

If your unlucky enough not to be able to get your hands on any crate boxes then you can order them online for really cheap. For the amount of uses they have they are well worth buying.