We all have those lengths of time at work when we are in desperate need of a vacation. Thinking about sipping a Mai Tai at a tropical tiki bar is the only thing that gets us through the days. Well, there is a way to avoid the wait, and take a trip each day after work. Get a tiki bar for your backyard and make every day a vacation!

Anyone would love to have a bar in their house or backyard, and there are so many great aspects of having a tiki bar. No need to spend a lot of money at bars, no need to pay for a cab or establish a designated driver, and no need to leave your backyard! There are unlimited benefits to having a great place for your friends and family to hang out without leaving the comfort of your home.

Nothing beats the relaxing capabilities provided by a bar in your backyard. The ability to just step outside and mix up a cocktail for your friends and family on any given day is unbeatable. There are so many ways to really spice up your backyard bar, and by using a bamboo theme you are even helping to protect the environment!
Authentic bamboo is the best option for a tiki bar. Not only does it look authentic, it is also good for the environment. It is always better to use natural materials rather than purchasing manufactured plastic parts. Spice up your backyard and cut back on your carbon footprint all at once.

Bamboo normally comes in a few different colors, so you have some options. Mahogany is a great color, but it fades quickly in the sunlight. Black is a relatively neutral color that matches anything. Black is a good choice if you want to keep some of the patio furniture you already have. The best bet is usually sticking with the natural tan color of bamboo.

There are many different options when considering accoutrements for your tiki bar. Thatched roofs, bamboo paneling, the best bamboo poles, bamboo wrapped fencing and many other options are available for your outdoor tiki bar. Torches and umbrellas are always a great touch.

With a great setup in your backyard, everyday can feel like a vacation!