Crawl Space Sump Pump

When you start having moisture problems in the home it is time to check out the crawl space to see if you need a crawl space sump pump. That is, considering you have a crawl space. Some signs of excess moisture in the crawl space are musty odor, peeling paint; mold spots on walls and furniture, heavy condensation on windows, wood floors warp and weaken. If you see these signs then it is time to inspect the crawl space. Just as a heads up, depending on condition of the crawl space this can be a challenge.

Basics you need are work gloves, knee pads, screwdriver, flash light, and wear old clothes. Some crawl spaces are hard to get into and move around. You might literally have to crawl, so prepare for the worst. Most likely it will be very dirty and it's hard telling what kind of critters you will run into.

Look for any hazards before entering. The main thing you look for is water and signs of moisture, especially mold. Check plumbing for leaks around pipes. Try to push the screwdriver into the wood structures to see if it is rotting. Strong wood cannot be penetrated, but rotting wood can. Also, pay close attention to any sagging or damage in the structural foundation.

It shouldn't take long to inspect the crawl space and know for sure if you need a crawl space sump pump. Once you know, it's best to get one right away and do whatever else needed to keep the crawl space dry. Another important thing to know is that you need a vapor barrier to cover the floor of the crawl space. Water evaporates from the ground and the vapor barrier helps to reduce evaporation that goes into the crawl space and the home.

Crawl Space Sump Pump Size

It's normal for people to want to know what size sump pump they need. A sump pump with 1/3 hp is standard for most homes. You also want to know how many gallons of water it can remove in an hour. It needs to be powerful enough to do the job, so you may consider a consultation with a contractor.

The next size is 1/4 hp this one is weaker than the 1/3 hp, but for those who don't have serious problems with water in the crawl space it could work fine. It will help save a little money too.

Then there is the 1/2 hp sump pump and this one is more powerful than the other two. It can remove up to 3,000 gallons an hour. It is used commercially and sure to meet the needs of anyone who needs a sump pump in the crawl space. You can find sump pumps that are stronger, but why would you.

Some factors to look at for choosing size of a crawl space sump pump are drainage surrounding the home, a foundation below the water table and ground water around the home.

Also, consider a back up sump pump for power outages. Some electrical sump pumps come with alarms that inform you of the p0wer supply and run up to 8 hours depending on size of the battery. A back up pump is not as powerful as a standard sump pump, so try to get the main one working asap.

Crawl Space Sump Pump Benefits

Did you know that some of the air you breathe in the home comes from the crawl space? This means that crawl space air affects the health of everyone from allergies to infections. Contaminated air from the crawl space can also cause respiratory problems or if you already have them make them worse. Other symptoms may be watery eyes, sore throat, coughing and sneezing.

Keeping the crawl space clean and dry can save money too, mostly by cutting down high heating and air conditioning costs. When the crawl space is wet it creates high humidity levels, drafty areas and cold floors. Worse yet, it eats away at the foundation and structure of the home. Do you know how expensive it is to repair or replace damage done by water to a home? You might spend a few hundred dollars to install a sump pump, but in the long run you save thousands.

Are you beginning to see the benefits of a crawl space sump pump? Don't wait until the house is falling down and everybody in the house is sick! Either inspect the crawl space yourself or hire a contractor to do it for you. If damage is done to the home, then get at least 3 estimates and opinions on repairs needed. As a result, your home will be safe and in good shape for years to come.