It works! When you use the 3-D glasses the picture actually looks like it is floating above the ground.

The colors are vibrant against the concrete background.

The glasses fit a child well, and adults can mange to squeeze them on to see the drawing.

Easy to use,my child needed no instruction in using it.

The Chalks are two sided, one color on each end. This makes it easy to tell apart from the regular sidewalk chalk


Not all colors pop off the ground. Seems the athe yellow and the green don't provide much 3-D effect.

The chalks are two sided. There is one color on each side. This means the chalk colors may not last.

Full Review

Crayola makes more than just crayons! If you haven't noticed the Crayola line includes a wide range of imaginative gifts. They are the creator of the Glowstation, and the Crayola Explosion. Crayola also has almost any character you can think of in their coloring pages. This review is about their latest creation.

Recently my son just had a birthday. One of his gifts was the 3-D Chalk set. The set came with a set of six chalk, double sided with a different color at each end. Also included are 3-D glasses, which are more child sized. My son took right to it and began coloring the side walk. Within minutes he came back and told me and my mom to "come and check this out" We were both able to put on the glasses even though they were samll. The Colors seemed to jump right off he side walk. The drawings looked as if they were floating above the ground! A pretty cool 3-D effect. Strangley some of the colors didn't make the picture pop off the ground. My son made a yellow sun and told ups he could make it " stand up" so he drew us a pink leaf instead. He was right. The yellow did not have any 3-D effect. The pink leaf however was really cool. Every line he drew looked as if it was floating on the air.

I tried drawing a picture with two or more colors. However, the pinks and blues really stood out above the rest.

The chalk is harder than normal chalk, but this is a good thing. The chalk needs to be a little harder so you don't go through it as you would normal chalk.

Would I reccomend this product? Yes I think it is a neat concept and my child was definately intrested in it. My son took right to the Crayola 3-D chalk and glasses without any problem.

In Closing

Overall I would reccomend this toy for your child. It is fun and easy to use. And what I love about Crayola is that they always stir the imagination!