Chalkboard Paint

Crayola Chalkboard Paint:

Chalkboard paint has become increasingly popular with both the young and the old.  As a child the magic of being able to write on the walls and erase it is able to entertain for hours on end.  Unlike many games and activities, crayola chalkboard paint can be applied to entire walls giving kids a blank slate for their imagination.  And best of all, its not a one person activity.  Friends, siblings, parents, and babysitters can all take part of the fun together on one giant chalkboard wall.  

Crayola chalkboard paint is not just for kids though.  People are beginning to realize the unique benefits of chalkboard paint in arts and crafts, decorations, business (for menus etc), and creative gift giving.  For example using chalkboard paint on glass like jars, mirrors, and vases is an easy way to create unique and colorful labels that you can change as needed.  If you add something new to the jar, change the label.  As the seasons change, make an old vase look new and festive.  

Crayola chalkboard paint can be applied to anything, and it doesn’t scratch or fade like many other paints.  It behaves and applies just like regular latex paint with the exception that even when its well mixed it will appear gritty and runny.  Otherwise it can be applied with a brush or roller to areas large and small.

Bonus Tip:  Smooth surfaces are best when applying chalkboard paint.  Wood or metal is great, but Sheetrock works well too.  Apply a thin layer of Spackle to help smooth walls with orange peel or texture. Just  be sure to sand any areas thoroughly for the smoothest surface possible.  

Chalkboard Paint Ideas:

There are a number of creative things you can do with chalkboard paint.  For example, painting the pantry door kitchen can be an easy way for you to leave yourself reminders about what items need picked up at the grocery store next trip.  Another great idea is to paint the door to your child’s bedroom and allow them to personalize the door without damaging the surface.  Or, you could paint a small portion of the wall by the telephone using masking tape to create a convenient place write down notes and messages to other members of the family.  If you don’t have a central telephone location, do something similar in a place where everyone knows how to find messages left for each other.  

Decorating With Chalkboard Paint:

There are all sorts of ways to decorate with Crayola chalkboard paint.  Just a few ideas include:

Guest Room Welcome - Tape off a long rectangular chalkboard paint section that you can write messages to your guests on.  Imagine walking into a room personalized with a comforting “make yourself at home” message on the wall.

Bin Organization - If you have stacks of decorative organizational bins, painting a small “label” that can be handwritten and personalized can add a nice homey feeling to something otherwise necessary but dull.  These are great for ever changing craft bins.  

To Do Lists - Adding small sections of chalkboard paint throughout your home in the kitchen, office, and study can be a great way to remind yourself of things that need to be done without having to be inconvenienced by finding a paper and pen.  

Magnetic Chalkboard Paint:

Magnetic chalkboard paint is similar to regular paint except that it not only has the same abilities as a chalkboard, but it also will hold up items with magnets on them.  This can be a great way to expand the creativity by introducing physical objects into the activity and having your children “connect” all of the ideas through their drawings.