Color Surge by Crayola


It is fun. The neon on the dark colors inspire some creativity.

The storage system does a nice job wiht keeping the papers organized.

There are many colors to choose from to color on and to color with.

The stencils provide for some added fun . There are even some demonstrations on the back.


The storage container for the pens really does not work. The pens do not stay in the compartment as the paper back doesn't always stay shut.

The pen lids were really tight on the set I had.

You will have to continue to buy replacement paper for these pens.

Fun, but perhaps not a great toy for the really young ones, who do not understand that just because you put one mark on the paper does nto mean it is no good anymore.

Full Review

Color Surge by Crayola

The Crayola Color Surge is one of the latest inventions from the Crayola folks. The Color Surge System has superbrite markers that go on a special paper. The Color Surge product is composed of the markers, the special paper and some stencils. The Color Surge comes with it's own storage container. Once you open the product it comes in a folder type of package. It opens up to reveal the pens come in a special compartment on the front with a paper opening. The special paper and the stencils are kept in a folder pocket to keep the papers organized.

The markers give a neon appearance when you draw on the paper. Their are two of each color marker. One set of markers has a normal point tip and the second marker has either two or three points so that you can make a cool design when writing on the special paper. There are a total of twelve markers and six colors. I love the fact it has two white markers! Of course the white markers do not draw true white as it picks up the hue of the paper. If you draw with the white marker on the purple paper you have a light purple color. Each Marker is marked with the word Color Surge so you will be able to recognize them amongst the other crayola markers you no doubt have. The marker lids are a little tough for my little guy to take off so beware of that.

The special paper is durable and a different color on each side. The colors of the paper are generally dark so that the marker colors may contrast against it. There are thirty sheets which means there are sixty sheets to color on.

In Closing

If you have a creative busybody around the house then the Crayola Color Surge would be a great gift for them. The colors do pop out and your child can make some really cool designs. I would reccomend for older children. The product says for five and up but I might be inclined to go with seven or eight years of age. ( Unless you want to buy replacement paper alot!)