Stylish Knee High Socks For Women, Men, and Toddlers!

Knee high socks are not just for schoolgirls anymore. Cool and funky knee high socks are also worn by women, men, and boys. There are even baby sock lines with knee high socks for toddlers. Often associated with uniforms, brown, black, and white used to be the most common colors of knee high socks. Fashion has since evolved, and colorful orange and pink knee or thigh socks have become a popular part of a person's wardrobe.

Knee High Socks - Out of the Classroom and Into the Street

Have you ever watched a Korean drama? Japanese drama? Or a Taiwanese drama? More often than not, you can see the female casts wearing knee high socks with their school uniform. It looks very neat and innocent. Knee high socks are also used by some secondary schools in France and a few in America. During their physical fitness classes, the students are required to wear knee high socks to protect their skin from the scorching heat. It may not be as obvious as it seems but knee high socks have been very popular. The first impression is wearing knee high socks creates a very dainty image of a school girl who just loves to go to school and learn. Because there is a growing market for this particular clothing, manufacturers thought of a way to widen the usage of knee high socks.

Nowadays, not only school girls wear knee high socks. You can practically see people wearing multi-colored knee high socks strolling down the street or visiting the mall. Girls are not the only ones who are attracted to knee high socks, boys are too, and there are whole lines targeted to the male population.

Even though the legs are wrapped by the socks, it still shows the shape of your legs. Girls get a lot of complements for having such wonderful pair of legs. Because of this growing trend, knee high socks have been recognized as fashion clothing all over the world with its numerous uses and varying designs.

There are probably hundreds of knee high socks with different fabric and designs to choose from depending on the occasion that you are going to wear them for. You can buy knee high socks that will make you look like Alice in Wonderland, or a seductive girlfriend. Teenagers often wear their knee high socks with plaid miniskirts. This is probably what you often see in Asian dramas. There are many colors and designs; the most famous is black followed by white and checkered colors. You can buy a pair knee high socks that are made out of fishnets, lace, satin or cotton, whichever you like. There are socks with simple and monotone designs but there are also those with matching belt and a satchel. Though most of you may not have realized it yet, knee high socks are actually very famous during the 60's and 70's. Your grandmothers wear them with rather long skirts or pencil cut skirts. If you are in the mood of being playful, you can pick knee high socks with vibrant colors like bright orange, or dark pink; if you want to keep it casual and safe, you wear either the black or the white.

Now, what are the things that you can do in order to bring out your best look while wearing a pair of knee high socks? First, you can put on a pair of heels --a shiny and gorgeous pumps or a pointed stiletto, whichever you're comfortable in. Christian Loubotin pumps are very famous nowadays. You can pair black socks with black 3-inch tall Loubotin pumps and you're all ready to brace the day. You can wear your all-time favorite stiletto shoes too. There are colorful heels that are fashionable to wear to a party or to a night out with your close friends. Second, since you already have knee high socks, then there is no need to wear jeans over them. Show your beautiful legs by wearing a short skirt or short shorts that complements the color of your socks.

As mentioned before, knee high socks are rather cheap. The price will differ depending on the brand but ultimately, you can buy knee high socks at an average clothing store. It is very practical to use because it does not only protect your skin from cold weather but it also is a fashion piece of clothing. It is very comfortable to use and very manageable.

Knee High Sock Styles

The primary materials of a knee high sock are cotton, wool, nylon, acrylic, polyester and spandex. There are also knee high socks that are made of silk, bamboo, linen, cashmere or mohair. The use of knee high socks depends on the occasion and certainly depends on the weather. Knee high socks that are made of silk, cashmere nylon and cotton are usually paired with a short dress and heels. These socks are available in different colors and different designs depending on your character. If you want to show a gothic-like persona, you can wear black knee high socks with skulls printed around the fabric. There are also knee high socks that are suitable for girls and teenagers--designed with fruits or flowers and hearts.

Knee high socks originated from England for the sole purpose of keeping your knees and toes warm during the winter season. Because winter season always comes around, knee high socks become a necessity and it didn't take much time before our brilliant manufacturers produce very fashionable and in-style socks. In the 1940's and 1950's, the popularity of knee high socks sailed when short ankle socks (best known as bobby socks) suddenly became popular among girls. Contrary to knee high socks, bobby socks are shorter and only reach the ankles. Right there and then, knee high socks' popularity has been fluctuating. One day it's famous, the next day it's not and the next day, you can see a random photo of a celebrity wearing a pair.

As Part of a Uniform
Some schools especially the parochial ones include knee high socks as part of their uniform. In London and United Kingdom, there are boarding schools for girls in which knee high socks are required. There are also schools that let their students wear long socks when playing in the field. These socks are often available from companies that supplies school uniforms and accessories so that the students do not need to buy from stores and experience the hassle of finding the specified knee high socks for students.

Where to Find Knee High Socks
Knee high socks are easy to find. If you are going to use them for school purposes, most schools offer to sell plain knee high socks. If you are near shopping malls and boutiques, just take a look around and you can find different designs of knee high socks. During holidays, there are limited designs that you can purchase. Knee high socks are also sold online and since they are rather cheap, you can buy by bulk. If you want to buy knee high socks for playing sports such as touch rugby, basketball or football, the most recommended type of stores that you should visit is a sporting goods store. They sell thick and high-quality knee high socks.