Pippa on the Royal Wedding
Credit: www.chicagofabulousblog.com

Pippa is Kate’s sister and apparently her well shaped body, which was flattered with a dress, made her a trending topic. What’s so special then about her? Why did the media chase her for months now, following her everywhere she goes? Why does a newspaper make money by taking pictures of her attending at a tennis game? Why do we care whether she has a fling for Prince Harry or whether she’s back to her old boyfriend?

Nobody can answer with certainty these questions. It seems that Kate never gave a slight reason to be commented, so the beautiful sister was the perfect thing to be discusssed. However, nobody would have thought that she would have turned all of a sudden into a star. It is estimated that the name “Pippa” or “Philippa”, which is the full version is the fastest rising name on the choices made by new parents in the UK. A year ago it was not even in the top 400 and suddenly it became very popular. It is obvious that Pippa’s impact made even her name popular and bets are placed on her derriere being very popular on plastic surgeons lately. No, it’s not a total joke; I had a follower that wrote exactly these words on Twitter and not in a humorous way!

What’s more, there is a TV show coming in August from TLC, about the new star, Pippa Middleton. It will be named “Crazy about Pippa” and you probably guess the reason they chose that specific title. It is a documentary dedicated to her life, which will also host interviews from friends and experts, talking about her childhood, her early years, her career and of course her royal sister. It is rumored that there will even be a commentary on her famous derriere, mentioning the Facebook Fan Page entitled “Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society” which numbers 238,356 fans! (Yes, there is such group, in case you don't know it!)

As it seems, she is currently one of the favorite British girls, with a large number of males searching for her throughout Internet. This whole Pippa-mania shows us that you don’t have to marry a prince to become famous nowadays. You don’t even have to do something nasty. Sometimes you just have to possess an inner talent to shine on every occasion and winning everybody over!