Planning your wedding and tired of run-of-the-mill ways to meet your altar date? Satisfy your penchant for something creative and out-of-the-ordinary and have loads of fun with some offbeat and unique wedding ideas that will make your wedding one to remember forever.

A Gothic wedding ceremony may be a great option if you are at all into that. Use black with burgundy, emerald green or ruby red as motif for the wedding entourage. Maybe dress up like vampires?

Think crimson roses, votive candles and grapes for table centerpieces and use high Gothic arches of a castle, with haunting yet melodic classic tunes wafting in the air at the wedding reception, all in a venue with an old-world feel.

If Gothic is too extreme for you, a celestial-themed wedding is an alternative. A small evening wedding in a venue nestled atop a hill or country lodge, where guests may gaze at twinkling stars, may be arranged. Use stars as decorations as well.

Decorate with yellow suns and moons, gold stars; use silver guest place card holders and white frosted candle glass holder with silver stars sparkling atop black or navy blue tablecloths on tables with names of constellations, among other complementary celestial centerpieces.

A third option may be a vintage wedding which may be held in a Victorian-styled garden in the early afternoon. Have the bridal entourage garbed in lace gloves and dresses and accessorized with the vintage look. You can have everyone dress up from the victorian era as well.

Unique wedding ideas add fun and thrill at the reception, Let guests sign a special vintage-decorated notebook laden with personal messages, inside jokes, a few photos of past get-togethers and interesting quotes.

Instead of listening to "clinking glasses" have your guests share a very short story or quip pertaining to you or your hubby, before the customary kissing at the reception.

After the ceremony, couples may arrange with the their wedding coordinator to have guests shower them with rose petals instead of throwing rice or blowing bubbles.