I wrote an article recently on how I make money with dating websites and dating affiliates. Like any internet business, with the huge amount of competition you face, you need to choose a unique niche for your website idea. Dating is no exception. In my search however, for different dating niches on the internet, I came across some really weird and crazy ideas for dating sites.

Jail and inmate dating sites

Yes, dating for prisoner and inmates. I am not sure why anyone would want to date someone behind bars, but is seems like a really popular niche.

Of course prisoners don't have access to the internet, but it seems like you can at least get mailing addresses for the inmates you might be interested in.

www.meet-an-inmate.com - The site reads: "Can you imagine what it must be like for attractive men and women to be without companionship? These incarcerated female and male inmates are paying a price for crimes they have committed. These inmates are very real and are seeking you!" I like how the site lists the inmates' favorite activities in prison.

www.womenbehindbars.com - Similar site just for female inmates. "The mission of womenbehindbars.com is to bring men and women together with an opportunity to enhance the lives of both. WBB makes available the postal addresses of all its female inmates for a small fee, to the gentleman".

Dating for people with a mental illness

www.nolongerlonely.com - is a dating website for people with a mental illness. Only people with a mental illness can join. "Membership is reserved solely for those with a diagnosis of schizophrenia, + schizoaffective disorder, bipolar disorder, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, anxiety, personality disorder, post-traumatic disorder, or disassociative disorder, or eating disorder.

Ugly people

www.uglypeople.tv - the name says it all. "Because ugly people need love, too!"

Dating sites for people with an STDs

The only good thing I about these sites is at least people are being honest about their condition. I had read before that there was a dating website for people with an STD and couldn't remember the exact URL, so when I did a Google search, I got a whole page of results, including one site whose title read: "This website has been set up so that even if you are HIV positive you can find your life partner".

If you really must know here is just one site in the niche: http://stdmatch.net

Dating sites for nerds and geeks

Even geeks and nerds have their own dating websites. I wonder what the male to female ratio is like on these sites.

www.trekpassions.com - Trek passions is a dating website for Star Treak and sci-fi fans.

www.gk2gk.com - Geeks are special, and their interests don't match the kinds of questions asked in other dating sites' profiles. We have carefully designed our profile information by including information that is important to geeks and their admirers

Atheist dating

www.atheistpassions.com - The site looks strangely similar to the Star Trek dating site. Well if Jewish people and Christians can have their own dating sites, why not one for atheists too.

Pet dating

No not to date animals, but people who love their pets.

www.datemypet.com - "Singles with a love for their pets, looking for friendship or love."
www.mustlovepets.com - "Must Love Pets is an online dating service with free personals for singles looking for a partner who under stand your pet is your baby."

Dating for people in uniform

www.uniformdating.com - is a site for people who like their men or women in uniform. "Uniform Dating brings together those working in professions such as the armed forces, police, navy, security, medical, ambulance, prison, air crew and fire fighters, for friendship, love and romance. "

Still haven't found your niche? I found that there really is a dating website for any phobia/religion/hobby/personality or body type. Just type the word phrase into Google together with 'dating' and I am sure you will find what you are looking for. Happy hunting!