The Create A Critter Cricut cartridge is one of my favorites - this thing is just so stinkin' cute!! It is full of cute, non-realistic animals and other critters. There are 7 settings in this cartridge for maximum versatility. Here is a further review and description of each setting:

1.) The first setting is for the main "character." And each one has two critters for the one button. There is a cute frog and dragonfly, a smiley apple and an owl, a happy carrot and an adorable bunny, a bowl of Asian noodles with a grin on it's face and a panda bear, a joyful little sheriff's star and a horse, a cheery bottle of milk and a cow. I could go on and on listing them all, but that would take forever. I feel, however, that I must mention the peanut wearing a tophat and an elephant - also the smiling banana and monkey!! These critters are possibly one of the cutest things I've ever seen and there are so many!! The Create a Critter Cricut cartridge is worth the money just for this setting alone!

2.)Then it just keeps getting better! The second is for Layer 1 and is part of the 3 layers of each main critter. This would allow you to make a light brown monkey with a beige belly and face and a dark brown nose and eyes. The critters will appear 3 dimensional and so cute that you won't be able to quit making them!

3.) The third layer is part of the 3 dimensional layers for these critters and makes these animals truly unique!

4.) The fourth setting is another layer. This one only applies to some of the critters and is things like the pink cheeks on the apple or the handkerchief around the horse's neck. I love that they broke the layers out into 4 separate parts on this cartridge whereas, in other cartridges, you have to cut out the character and it's nose and eyes in one color and then cut them again in another color because there on the same button. You would still get a brown monkey with black eyes and nose, but you would also have the parts for a black monkey with brown eyes and nose, so you may wasted some cardstock.

5.) The fifth setting is the accessory setting and includes things like a vine for the monkey to hang on, a lily pad and crown for a frog prince or a circus tent for the elephant. This setting will add that special touch to your project that will make it extra unique and cute.

6.) The sixth setting is the phrase setting and includes phrases like, "Let's hang out," "Howdy," and "Prince Charming." Each phrase has a special relationship with the corresponding critter on that button and can take some of the guesswork out of card-making.

7.) The final setting is the shadow setting which just creates a slightly larger, solid version of each critter image so that you can put it behind the image and it would create a perfect border for each one. This function can really add a professional quality to your work and makes each critter "pop."

This is one of my very favorite cartridges and is an excellent one to use if you are doing anything for kids!! So if you're unsure whether or not the Create A Critter Cricut cartridge, I say to go for it! There are so many projects that can be made with this fun cartridge!

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