If you sell anything online, especially crafts, you need to set up a packaging area.

One of the most important parts of an online business, is after that sale is made, you get that product in the mail right away, and to the right person!

You may laugh at that last comment, but believe me, if you get enough sales per day, it won't take much to get recipients mixed up, unless you organize an area for your packaging and addressing.

If you sell with online sellers like Ebay, then they have printable invoices and address labels, and you can even buy postage online. But you need to get the product out right away, and print off the packaging label, and put them together in your packaging area.

I have an area in my basement, that I call my studio, and love it, but it was getting cluttered with envelopes, packing tape and other administration things, rather than my crafts. So, I set up a table and bins that contain everything I will need to package my products. This includes:

packing tape

brown wrapping paper (for bigger parcels)

lots of envelopes (these fit craft patterns well)

small postal scale



This way it is all in one spot. The family knows not to mess with this area, and therefore, I am not searching out the tape or scissors like I was before!


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Organize Your Craft Room with a Packaging Area

It is worth the time to do this at the beginning of your online business, because you don't want to be spending more of your time on packaging, then on making your products and listing. By keeping your packaging supplies organized and in a clean area, then you are ready. You can have a "in basket" for the items that have sold that day and need packaging. Every morning, you should check your online sales, and if you are lucky enough to have numerous sales, then get the items picked and a decision made on the type packaging for each one right away.

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a postal scale will let you know right away just how much your parcel weighs, which is helpful for postal estimates for custmers

Have a Postal Scale to Weight Your Packages and Prices

I even invested in a few of those self inking stamps, that say "mailed" so I know which items have been mailed that day (I keep a copy of the invoice for my records and taxes). But you can come up with your own system for how to process your invoices. Just don't leave your customers waiting too long for their products. You may want to include other great deals you have or direct them to a website you have, by placing a brochure or card or letter in the package. But if you leave your customer wondering where the package is he or she paid for, then you will not have that repeat customer.

So, keep on top of your sales, and your packaging and your mailing, and your online sales will bloom. Taking the time to get organized right at the beginning, and don't be afraid to change the system as you grow. You need a system of sales, packaging, and mailing that works for you. Once you get it streamlined, then you will be on top of your business, rather than letting your business get on top of you and cause stress or worse yet, errors in mailings!

It is worth investing in a separate area.  It doesn't have to be huge, just enough room to hold all your mailing supplies.