Collecting and going through your old photographs is still one of the easiest and most evocative means of taking a trip down memory lane, but merely looking at your photographs is only the start of what you can do with them. It’s now possible to use them to create a wide range of photo gifts, from a fridge magnet using a cheerful snap, to a photo book collecting a lifetime’s worth of memories.

One of the chief advantages of digital photography, as opposed to its’ analogue forerunner, is that it’s now possible to take a lot more photographs, and the photographs you do take will be of a far higher standard than they used to be. This is because the digital technology being employed makes taking and storing the photographs much simpler, meaning that you can literally snap away whenever you like, capturing every moment of events such as family weddings or special celebrations, as well as documenting the pleasures and thrills of a family holiday. Not only will you be in possession of a huge number of images, but the images will be of very high quality, thanks to the advances in technology which have brought excellence within the reach of all users.

Not only will your photographs be numerous and excellent, but they will also be flexible. This flexibility means that you can take images stored digitally and turn them into a huge range of photo gifts. In the past, even your favourite images could only be shared if you were lucky enough to have access to the original negative and the expertise necessary to create multiple copies. Digital storage, however, means that you can take these images and produce as many copies as you wish, sharing favourite photographs of your children, for example, with doting grandparents. Once you’ve got hold of more images, you can start thinking of ways of turning them into highly personalised Easter gift ideas. At the luxury end of the range of ideas it is possible to create are bespoke photo books. Select the images you wish to capture forever, whether that’s a lifetimes selection of children’s photographs, a moment by moment capturing of a wedding day or a day by day account of the holiday of a lifetime, and then upload them to the relevant website. The process then required to turn them into photo books has been rendered extremely simple, using software which has been designed with the novice in mind, requiring no previous experience or skill. It has been made extremely easy to design the layout of each and every page, up to and including the addition of text to explain the images, and the finished layout will be printed on the finest quality photographic paper in a manner which captures every line, colour and splash of light. Every factor is open to modification, from the size and shape of the finished volume to the number of pages and the material and appearance of the front and back cover, and the finished book will be put together to a standard which ensures it will stay in pristine condition for many years to come. Similarly impressive are the bespoke canvas prints, of art gallery standard, which can be designed and printed using a single favourite image.

The photo gifts which it is now possible to make are more than a match for anything which you could buy from the shops. Indeed, why merely buy a photo book when you can make one yourself, using images from your own life which will always be the most precious memories.