Have you ever imagined creating a site without being a guru of technology or webdesigner? Today anyone can create and publish a Web site simply and effectively without having any programming knowledge.

Many people give up by starting an online business who need to create a website. In the past this was really a barrier. But nowadays there are many tools that allow the layman to create a website with ease.

When I wanted to start testing some ideas on the internet I hesitated a lot because it had no knowledge of programming and had no idea how to put a site online.

I found I had three choices:

Studying programming (HTML, etc ...)
Pay a fortune for a site
He then bought two books and started to learn HTML programming and make my websites. It took about two months to launch my first site. As you can imagine the result was not one of the best.

After some years I came across online tools that allowed me to create a site quickly and put it in the air as easily as possible. Continue reading to learn more about these two tools:

1 - HTML Editor

The HTML Editor is a program that lets you create or modify a site without having to change the code directly. You change text and images as if using a text editor such as Microsoft Word.

One of the first editors I heard was the DreamWeaver. When I see the price of this program took a big fright and actually almost gave up. It's a great program but is geared toward professionals and takes a long time to master it.

Continuing my research and after several trials and errors I found a free editor easy to use. Anyone can start making a site with this type of editor.

2 - Wordpress

Wordpress is a free tool that was initially designed for publishing blogs. But over time she also began to serve to create more static sites and even e-commerce stores.

As Wordpress is a tool open source or open source there are thousands of developers worldwide upgrading and improving the tool every day.

It's very simple you put a Wordpress site on the air. If you choose the type of hosting service right you launch a website in just a few clicks and with a basic knowledge of internet.

The design of a Wordpress site is ready and is called a theme. There is a plethora of issues to look professional and free.

Another advantage of Wordpress is that you can add functionality to your site without knowing programming. You only need to install an additional program or "plug" for that. For example, if you want to install a form of Worpress there is a plugin that enables this function.

When I found these tools has increased and my free time I started to dedicate myself more to promote my sites and increase my sales.

Over time I began to disclose more of these tools and to teach people to do simple sites, but that generate fantastic results.

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