It finally dawned on me that we're in the 21st century – I know, it took me a while. I had never thought about building my own on-line store. I had always just connected shopping with the high street and shopping malls. I have a music shop in the high street and loads of loyal customers.

Quite a few of them had asked me for the web address to my online shop. That is when it occured to me, that I could gain extra business that way. I had loads of concerns about this but they were soon laid to rest when I researched the idea and discovered how uncomplicated it was.

One of my friends recommend a company that had built their online store so I decided to give them a ring. I was a little uneasy, imagining all sorts of ways the call could end up with me gawping like a fish with no idea what to ask or what to say. I was worrying for nothing as they did not speak in jargon and were very receptive.

They took time to find out what my ideas were for branding, customer base and design of the on-line shop. As the questions were not technical but more about running a shop, i was able to answer them simply. I sent them certain information, and they checked my thoughts, reactions and comments at every stage. The anxious thoughts that I had were soon replaced with excitment.

At last the day dawned when they told me that my online shop was ready. I was indeed excited and jumped on the computer to take a look. It was completely first rate, if I do say so myself. My brand ideas were there and the whole site looked very up-to-date and professional. I found myself browsing the shop, and realised that it was so easy to use that if I enjoyed using it, so would my customers. I also liked the fact that they had implemented certain safety procedures so my customers details would be kept protected.

The company also explained to me how to implement SEO strategies. After all, it was better to gain internet traffic from as loads of sources as possible. The company really had thought of everything and each individual page had separate seo techniques installled into it.

Many customers are delighted when they find out that I now have an on-line store. I am even getting orders from individuals living in other towns and this never happened with my high street shop. I need to do some work on what the company called off site SEO techniques. A little like swimming I guess – getting to the surface is excellent news if you don't have gills, but you have to keep paddling to stay there.