There was a time, not so long ago, when canvas printing was a specialised craft which could only be carried out with access to particularly specific equipment, and following a lengthy period of training and experience. Now, however, making a photo canvas from your own unique image has been reduced to a few simple steps on a laptop or PC, and the results are just as stunning.

Many people like to decorate the walls of their home with individual art works. Not only do such works of art look good and complement the existing décor of a house, but they also serve as a means via which the householder can express something of their personality. The kind of art you choose to hang on your walls says a lot about the way you see the world, whether you go for traditional, soothing pastel coloured landscapes or violently colourful, angular cubist abstract works. Clearly, one of the aims of buying and showing visual art is to make your home stands out, to ensure that it looks different from every other home and is truly a reflection of your uniqueness and that of your family. It’s this last point which often proves to be the downfall of the kind of canvas prints which you can go out and buy from a gallery or furniture shop.

You may well be able to find something you like, it may even be an image which is an accurate reflection of the face which you want to show the world, but even as you hang it on your wall, you’ll know for an absolute fact that many hundreds, if not thousands of other people have reached exactly the same conclusion. That’s the drawback with mass produced art – it’s the exact opposite of unique or even very individual. Of course, it may be that you know a talented artist just starting their career, or even that you are a talented artist just starting their career, in which case you can buy or produce a one off work of art quite simply, but this is a situation which will, in reality, apply to a tiny minority of people.

Canvas printing using digital photography, on the other hand, is something which is now quick, easy and eminently affordable. It really doesn’t matter what kind of photograph you want to use – it could be a favourite family portrait which captures the personalities of your nearest and dearest at their most relaxed and happy, or maybe you want to use something more dramatic, like a moody shot of a particular beach at sunset or a monochrome image of a rain swept street.

The choice is yours and the only work involved amounts to uploading the favoured image at the relevant website, and then deciding whether it should be a landscape or portrait canvas, and if you want to tweak the cropping or colour at all. Once you’ve done this, the photos on canvas will be printed using the very best and latest technology, which means crystal clarity, sharpness and vivid colours no matter how large you choose to have the print. The canvas itself will be of the finest quality and, since it’s wipe clean and treated so as to avoid the ageing and fading effects of exposure to sunlight, will look as good in ten years time as it does the day you take delivery.

Whether you want to decorate the walls of your own home, or give a gift which will truly touch the heart of anyone receiving it, a photo canvas represents the perfect choice.