Mosaic creations

Have you ever thought of creating beautiful glass or tile mosaics to enhance your own home or start as a hobby and love it so much you turn it into a home business?  When you create mosaics, it is similar to creating your own jigsaw.  You are in charge of the way your design or picture will turn out.

Mosaics bring out the creativeness in everyone. By using a mixture of colours, glass, pebbles, buttons and tiles the result will look different each time.  Mosaics are not as expensive as some people believe. The cheapest way of using mosaics is using old or scrap tiles that someone has thrown away.  Ask around, if someone has broken a window a coloured bottle or ornament, use these to create mosaics.  Tell your friends to keep an eye out for these things for you and save money.

Mosaics- Water featureCredit: TPhotos by sharOn

In return, you can make them one of your mosaic creations as a gift to show appreciation. Second hand or thrift stores are another great place to find cheap glass or china. Another thing you can use to make your mosaics different is agate quartz or gemstones.  What you use is entirely up to you and your wish to create something unique and special.

Eagle MosaicCredit: SharOn

Ideas for making mosaics

Here are several ideas for things you can create from both glass or tile mosaics:

  • Planter pots
  • Wall decor
  • Stepping Stones
  • Tabletops
  • Ornaments
  • House numbers
  • Sun dials

Setting up your workplace


Safety is of utmost importance, as you can understand glass can cause serious injuries. Therefore, you need protective glasses. Wear gloves when using chemicals that can cause skin problems. Shoes may not seem important although they are because if a piece of glass falls on the floor and breaks into tiny pieces, they will be hard to see in your feet.

Beware: do not wear the same shoes in other parts of home, as you could transport glass on to the carpets.

Butterfly on front of planter potCredit: by SharOn

Learn from the professionals

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Required tools

Tools for making glass mosaicsCredit: by SharOn


Like any hobby or small business, you need the right tools:

Workspace - sturdy workbench or table

Cutting and fixing tools- glass cutters, tile nippers, tile saw, grinders, glues, fixers and fillers

Design tools - paper, rulers, marking pens, patterns and diagrams

Lighting- Correct lighting is important

Storage containers - small and larger ones to separate colours or types of tiles and glass

Do not be put off by this list. In the beginning start out simple then as you progress, buy a few more things. Although you need to keep in mind that glass is sharp so safety is important. It would be a good idea to keep a first aid kit handy. Glass it is not easy to handle when wearing gloves, therefore your hands are in the firing line. 

Assorted mirror and colour tiles

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If you are a beginner then this is a great way to start buying small tiles, for your first projects. These are already cut for you. Once you gain experience then you can re-cut them to fit into your creative projects.

Start with simple project

For your first project, choose something simple, like tiling a small flowerpot or path stepping stone.

If you decide to make the pot then start at the base and work your way around the bottom then work up. Use tiles for this until you gain more confidence with cutting and fixing pieces on to the pot.


Fish mosaicCredit: by SharOn

Step 1- Decide which coloured tiles you will use for each row, choose tiles that will create an effect.  Cut your tiles and lay each row out before you start.

Step 2- Spread thin layer of mortar on back of each tile and press firmly in place on pot. Leave for twenty-four hours to dry. Make sure you leave about ¼” between tiles for grouting.

Step 3- Spread the grout with your hands into all the cracks between the tiles. Wipe excess off before it dries hard.

Conclusion- I hope this article has captured your interest and given you, a few ideas for something new that you would like to try doing. If this is not for you then why not learn about making stained glass to create enjoyable and very rewarding  projects. Especially when you have finished and able to show off each article that you have created yourself.

If you are still unsure then look online for ideas: Mosaics Flower pots and planters on Pinterest? You will see so many fantastic creations, and find new ideas to start you on a new hobby? They are truly amazing.


Mosaic tile and glass nippers

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How to make mosaics