Kids Bunk Beds

Change Beds to Match the Needs of Growing Children

As children grow up, they often will need upgrades to existing beds. This may include a larger or more spacious sleep area as they grow. Changing bedroom furniture may also allow them to feel more grown up.

For very young children, bedding is often simple, to keep them safe. This may include adjustable beds or cribs until they are older. Smaller children can often benefit from a secure form of bedding.

Once kids are old enough to stay in bed, there are many options. This may include themed frames or bunk and loft style bed frames. Convertible bedding may also be used to give children more space.

Some frames, such as loft designs, can be used for older children. Additional furniture is often added to lofts to create more function. This can give them ample space for both study and relaxation areas.

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Save Floor Space by Adding Bunk Beds for Children

Bunk beds are a great way to make it easy to for kids to share rooms. Bunks combine two mattresses into one tall piece of bedroom furniture. This often creates more floor space for either a second bunk or play.

For younger kids, sharing bunks can give them much needed toy space. Room for toys such as train tracks or doll houses is quickly created. Drawers may be added to the frame base to provide storage options. Metal bunk beds are a good choice for sturdy bedding.

Taller designs may also allow storage totes to be stored underneath. Side storage may also be added to give children their own space. This can make it easy to keep toys separate and put away neatly.

Accessories such as dressers and desks can be attached as well. These add on options often remove the need for separate furniture. For those on a budget, this can save money while opening up bedrooms.

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Give Teens More Freedom with Sofa Beds for Rooms

Teenagers often need new options when it comes to beds as they mature. This often means updating bedroom furniture to match their tastes. Pieces in a more modern style may be preferred over childish themes.

Metal bunks are popular choices for many teenage bedroom styles. Bunks can be used to create more than one mattress area for teens. Some designs offer space for a double mattress, ideal for older kids.

Loft designs provide mattress space on top with room for a sofa below. Sofa bedding can provide a needed spare mattress for sleep overs. A sofa mattress can be ideal for other teenage guests at night.

For teenagers short on bedroom space, sofa bedding can be used alone. The sofa can be used for seating during days and slept on at night. This can save valuable space that can be used for desks and furniture.

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Exciting Themed Kids Beds for A More Creative Bedroom

A well designed bedroom can be a wonderful place to grow up in. Kids who have creative room designs often have more imagination. This can encourage more creative play and give them engaging fun.

Popular themes may include a complete set in one cohesive style. Themed pieces can include play tables and chairs, as well as desks. Wardrobes or other pieces, such as lockers, give kids storage areas.

Decorative curtains may also be placed around bedding for more fun. Curtains for bunks that give them a new look are popular among kids. These curtains can give kids beds the appearance of a castle or fort.