The key difference between digital photo prints and the type which used to be produced from a roll of film is the number of things which it is possible to do with the former. The flexibility of digital imagery means that, once you’ve captured your photograph you can turn it into a wide range of gift ideas, from novelty mugs to personalised jigsaws. Perhaps the most spectacular transformation, however, takes place when you turn digital photographs into canvas prints.

Creating your own canvas prints is no longer something which only artists with the right skill, training and equipment could even contemplate. The technology which has grown up around the production of digital imagery has made it possible for anyone who can point a camera and take a picture to create stunning works of art. If you take a look through your own collection of digital photo prints there are bound to be at least one or two images of which you are especially proud. In the past, a photograph was the best you could do with these images. At best, it would be possible to enlarge a favourite shot, but the quality of the image would be reduced the bigger it got, and the finished product would look absolutely nothing like the kind of art work which it is possible to buy from galleries and art shops.

Canvas photo prints, on the other hand, are produced to the highest possible standard. The kind of artwork which you hang on the walls of your home, or give to others as a gift is about a lot more than just a pretty picture. Art is a means of expression and an extension of your personality, and the images which you choose to live with say a lot about the way you see the world and the persona which you wish to present to others.

Choosing art which is mass produced has been the only option open to most people for many years, since original art is far out of the price range of most ordinary people. Whilst ‘off the peg’ art may well be attractive in its’ own terms, the knowledge that the same picture could be found on the walls of hundreds of other houses detracts more than somewhat from how much it can mean to you. Similarly, if you’re giving an artwork as a gift it’s highly preferable to give something which is genuinely unique and truly original.

Canvas printing is a process which allows smaller images to be blown up much larger without any loss of quality. The use of such a traditional medium adds a warmth to the imagery which, when combined with the sharpness and clarity of digital capture, combines to create truly stunning pieces of art. Whether you’re a keen amateur photographer who wants to show off the best of their work in a manner which a professional would be proud of, or a loving parent looking for a full sized family portrait the equal to anything a studio could produce, the finished result will be something with which you will be incredibly pleased.

No specialist skill or equipment is needed to put photos on canvas, since all of the hard work is done for you. Once you’ve uploaded the image you wish to transform into a work of art you can select the size and shape of the canvas and perhaps take advantage of features such as monochrome or sepia printing. The finished item will be printed onto wipe clean, UV resistant canvas and mounted onto a long lasting, strong wooden frame using the stylish ‘wrap around’ technique favoured by high end galleries.

The quality and abundance of digital photo prints means that everyone with a camera is now almost bound to have at least one image of which they are extremely proud or fond. Turning these images into canvas prints is a way of capturing them forever, and creating a piece of art which is yours and yours alone.