Coming Up With Cheap Home Office Storage Ideas - So, you have found a great idea for a home business, and now your family is getting mad at all the files and supplies laying around the house. But you don't want to spend to much money just yet, but you need some cheap home office storage now.

So, what do you do? First thing to do, is figure out what it is you need to store. If it is reference books, or boxes of supplies, then you first need to gather them all in one place.

As much as you may think you know where everything is in the house, chances are that you spend or waste a lot of time trying to find things, simply because you have no where to store them in your business office or studio. You can't really be getting mad at your kids for using your best pens and supplies if you left them on the kitchen table, or if you left your reference magazines in the living room, and now they just got cut up by your 4th grader for a school art project!

You need to keep your home office or home studio separate, but if you are on a tight budget, and those book shelves look expensive and you don't even want to check out the filing cabinets, there here are a few suggestions of cheap home office storage that works well until you can get something better. At least you will have all your supplies in one place this way.

Cheap Home Office Storage - Milk Crates - If you have any of these around the house, these make great instant storage. Check your garage, or check other peoples garages, especially at garage sales. Turned on their sides, these make instant shelf boxes. You can stack them on top of one another, and they are tough as nails.

You can purchase a similar product at IKEA and places like that for quite cheap if you can't find enough old plastic milk crates around your place or maybe yours are housing your old record collection. (they always fit the LPs just perfect)

Head to the Reuse It Center, or Second Hand Store. - You can usually find all kinds of odd things, such as used old bookshelves, and sometimes old filing cabinets. You can purchase these and take two filing cabinets, and put wood across for a work table and have instant drawers with the filing cabinets.

Instant book shelves for cheap home office storage - Maybe you can't find any milk crates, and you couldn't find anything worthwhile at the second hand store, then this idea works well too. Grab some bricks and stack them up between pieces of strong wood.

Many students started off their first apartments like this! You can use a concrete block at each end and put a piece of wood across, then 2 more concrete blocks right on top of the other ones (the wood is sandwiched in between) and then another piece of wood. This will hardly cost you anything if you have any of these supplies at home. If you have to buy anything, these bricks and pieces of wood are cheap.

These make instant sturdy shelves. If you use thick wood, these can take a lot of weight. Just don't make them too high, you don't want to end up under these shelves. Just a couple of layers will do.

Old Dresser Makes Cheap Home Office Storage - If the things you need to store are small, and are always getting lost around the house, such as small bottles of paint or fabrics or scissors for example. Then you can find a cheap set of dresser drawers, and then get those small baskets from the dollar store and organize the drawers. You can have baskets for your scissors, pens, and small bottles of paint.

A 4 or 5 drawer dresser will hold a lot of supplies. You can then label the outside of each drawer with its contents. These works well with fabrics for quilting, or if you have an art business, it works well for paints and supplies.

Cheap Home Office Storage - You don't have to get specifically designed office storage, as it can get expensive. But if you don't want to make any of the homemade ideas above, another great place is the classified ads. Check your local paper, and see if anybody is getting rid of storage things, such as dressers, shelves, desks etc. You can get a good deal this way too.

So, by organizing cheap home office storage in your house, you can keep your business supplies all in one spot, and save money. It wouldn't hurt to take a day and just do this. Not work on the business, but organize your business. You can hire a student to help with this. You may not think of this as money making for your business, and think of it as dead time, but the more organized you are with your home office storage the better your business will run.

Cheap Home Office Storage - It will seem more professional, and your kids will have to realize that all the supplies are now off limits, plus there is no reason for you to have your business supplies floating around the rest of the house.

Those small baskets at the dollar store are a great invention for keeping little things on your desk in order too. So, check out the dollar store for some cheap home office storage ideas. They have all kinds of file storage and small baskets, pen holders for a dollar or two. So, take a walk through your local dollar store to get some ideas.

Organizing your office with cheap home office storage, will free up some time, and will help to keep chaos from the rest of the house. Once it is organized you will feel less stressed about your home business, and be able to find everything you need, and not find those documents as part of your kids science projects, or your paints in their craft kits.

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