Get Praises for Your Small Business

A testimony isn't something you necessarily think about creating; it should be an honest opinion from a customer who thought well of your services or product.

However, if you aren't careful about what testimony you use, or how you use them, they can actually end up hurting your business in the long run.

Asking for Endorsement Is a Part of Good Business

Create Effective Testimonials for Your Business

3 Endorsment Must Haves

There are three qualities you should shoot for with any testimony you use:

Real: Any endorsements you use has to sound real. as oppose to some PR flack dreamed it up late at night. If you use feedback that sound vague, clichéd or made up, you're asking your customers to ignore your testimonials, or even doubt their credibility. Using names is just one aspect of increasing the believability of a testimony.

Specific: You should use testimonials that talk only about specific products, specific situations, even specific reactions. The more precise your description, the better you look. Think about which of these two testimonials about a hotel would motivate you to stay there:

Great customer service!

The concierge went above the call of duty. He found me an all-night printer service that could deliver my brochures by 9 am the next morning!

Skeptical: The best testimonials come from skeptics. Many customers subconsciously think that if you can persuade a skeptic, you must be good. If you can demonstrate through a testimonial that you are able to overcome objections and relieve doubts, you should take advantage of it.

Get Reviews and Endorsements

Factors of a Great Testimony

Consider this Testament:

I was suspicious of the whole idea of buying a smaller car; I didn't think I'd be able to haul all my tools. But Jim took the time to help me load all of my tools into the trunk of this car so that I could see for myself that there was enough room.

How can you elicit these testimonials from your satisfied customers?

Ask specific questions: how did the product help you immediately?

Ask about doubts: did you expect it would work as well as it does?

Get permission to use their full name, and other information.

You should also make a point to effectively use your endorsements to create maximum expose for your credibility. Offering up testimonials after a buyer has already committed to purchasing your product is a waste of the time you spent collecting your testaments.

Great Testament Strategies

Minimize Your Mistakes

Don't wait too long to tell a customer that other people think your product is great. The ideal time to show off your testimonies is after a potential buyer has had at least a little introduction to the product. While he or she is trying to decide if your company is the right choice, convince them with your endorsement.

Don't be afraid to place testimonials throughout the entire buying process, though. If you've been complimented on your returns policy, place that information with your final purchase information, or with the policy itself.

And don't be afraid to solicit those good reviews. You might not get them if you don't ask. If you're doing your job right, you should be able to turn to your happy customers and get a good testimonial.