If you have a crafts business, and sell at craft shows, why not create gifts under 5 dollars?

You may be thinking, that "it is not worth it" I will only make 5 cents, but that does not have to be the case. These are like "leaders" They will attract people.

From personal experience at craft shows, I have found that it is good to have a wide range of priced products. Even if your craft or talent is something detailed and therefore higher priced, you can still have a "bargain basket" This can help pay the rent for the craft show, in case you do not sell as many of your higher priced products.

Bargain Basket with Crafts Under 5 dollars

By having a bargain basket, of smaller crafts, you are likely to attract more customers, as everyone loves a bargain, plus you can appeal to a younger crowd and their budget.

Example: A friend of mind, loves craft shows, she buys all her gifts at craft shows, and when she goes to one, she brings her older children (12-15 years old) hands them some money and tells them to go shopping for their gifts. They do not usually have much money, and would complain they couldn't find much.

Now many crafters may not want to appeal to this age group, but I have found at craft shows, there are more and more in this age group shopping with their parents for their special gifts. Plus many people are on tighter budgets and will want to get something unique, but for less money.

By creating gifts under 5 dollars, you can attract these customers, plus I found a pleasant surprise when I offered my bargain basket. I actually got more sales for my other products, as once I got someone to my booth, they would take a look around. It was great advertising. It did NOT make me look cheap, which many crafters are concerned with.

But what do you create for under 5 dollars?

1. Ornaments- You can create all kinds of cute ornaments to sell for under 5 dollars.Gifts under 5 Dollars(132635)Credit: morguefile.com

2. Create a small craft kit out of your leftovers, such as embroidery. If you have some embroidiery cloth, you could create a small pattern and add the floss for example. Quilting squares, include some pattern ideas for a small project. Knitting wool and a simple scarf pattern... try and keep this simple.

3. Find cheap unfinished small wooden items at the dollar store, and then add some of your own leftover paints. Or create a kit of leftover beads, sprinkles, anything they could decorate these wooden items with.

4. leftover Craft Supply Grab Bags If you don't want to get that involved, you could simply create "grab bags" of lots of your left over craft supplies. Kids love this. They can take it home and create their own gifts, and have fun picking through the supplies for 5 dollars. I found these did very well. This can be a great deal for them, and you get rid of leftovers!

Gifts under 5 dollars(132636)Credit: morguefile.com

5. Small pet gifts, such as catnip pouches, or a dog biscuit in a small stocking.

6. Denim Squares If you use denim a lot in your crafts, fill a bag with denim pockets, neatly cut out of jeans, and add some sparkles, or leftover beads. You could put one pocket per zip lock bag, and add a decorative cord, and some decorating items to decorate the denim pocket. Teens love this, it can then be a small purse or hang on the wall for storage.Gifts under 5 dollars(132637)Credit: morguefile.com

The list is endless. You can then decorate a basket, and put a large sign on it, called the "Bargain Basket" or whatever you want to call it. This attracts people, you sell off your leftovers and small ornaments, and you also attract potential buyers for other products.

My friend that I do craft shows with, sells small bags of leftover quilting squares. She sells these off quickly, to many quilters looking for different fabrics.

At 5 dollars, they don't hum and hah over it. So it is possible to create and sell gifts under 5 dollars at your next craft show, give it a try. It just might give your crafts business a good bottom line as they may stay awhile and shop some more!



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