In a large yard it can be hard to create a private space.  At my daughter’s house there is a lovely back deck in the countryside but you are open to the elements.  Shrubs have been planted but they will take years to grow so getting outdoor privacy screens for patios is one of the quickest ways to create that instant outdoor room you are looking for.  I figured she could use these until the shrubs grew large enough to create a natural space.

It is nice to create a space away from the rest of the yard, a space that you can call your own and enjoy the warmer longer days of summer. That can be a big problem with new construction too.  Although it is nice to start with a fresh new open space it can get very expensive to create separate patios, decks and gardens.  You could easily spend thousands of dollars; so many people just don’t bother until they can afford to do it.  But after much research, I discovered that you can still enjoy the space with many of the portable products that are on the market now to create that instant relaxing patio you want.

You don’t have to put up with a boring yard and a couple of lawn chairs until you can afford to do permanent landscaping.  There are so many ways to enjoy your space that are portable and affordable.

This One Has Planter Boxes

Yardistry Garden Screen with Planter Boxes
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(price as of Mar 31, 2016)
this is a really cute way to separate yourself from the yard and the neighbours.


VIFAH V163 Acacia Hardwood Privacy Screen
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48" Outdoor Wood Privacy Screen with 4 Panels
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Perfect for Rental Houses Too

This is also true if you rent your house.  You don’t want to be spending money in the yard and your landlord may not want you to either.  So, finding portable ways to get that separate space is ideal for tenants.  You can simply pack up your patio and take it with you to the next place.

What I really like about them is how they not only look good but create an instant space and back drop for potted plants or ivy.  You can very quickly create an instant patio without digging up any dirt or renting post hole diggers and putting up with months of dust, dirt and debris and an empty wallet.

These screens are quite often purchased to hide equipment such as air conditioners, garbage cans and pool equipment, but in fact you could use them to create an instant patio as you see in the picture.

Privacy Panels for the Patio

It just feels good to have a private spot carved out from the yard.  So instead of using them to hide equipment, why not hide yourself?  They look good too.

So, if you are starting with a simple green space and you want to set up your own relaxing spot, then start by making sure the grass is cut, then add some portable outdoor flooring to the area.  You can put this right over the grass.  These are also great for a part of your yard where the grass does not grow very well so you can make it into a patio instantly or even over older not so nice looking garden pavers!

Next add an outdoor privacy screen to separate your space from the rest of your yard.  Add lots of plants, a nice chair and a table and you are set for a day of relaxing without worry of feeling exposed. 

Think of it as your very own private paradise room outside where you can relax, tend to flowers and simply “be”.  This is an affordable way to enjoy the space now, not wait until you can afford the landscaping down the road.