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There are so many techniques and methods to help you expand your presence online. Each time you expand your presence you increase your chances to receive traffic. Each time you join a website and create a profile you generate automatic traffic. The wider the scope of your Internet presence the more of an opportunity you have to attract a new audience and more of a chance to increase the traffic you receive to your articles, blogs and websites.

I belong to a handful of video websites. Occasionally I create a video, upload it and spread it throughout the web. I embed videos into many of my blogs and websites. When I create a new video I also upload it to all of the other video websites I belong to.

Here's the deal folks. Even if your not comfortable creating and uploading videos which from my experience does take time to learn, you can sign up to a video sharing website AND create a solid profile. Take the time to favorite some videos to your profile (channel). Within your profile describe what you do online AND submit links to direct visitors to your favorite articles, blogs or websites. Creating profiles at many different websites can help you attract traffic and gives you an upper-edge to recruiting people to follow you. You can place your referral links to your profiles which will increase your chances to recruit referrals.

Here's another reason to create profiles at a handful of video websites. Many of the video websites have a button or link for you to automatically share your videos whether it be a video you created or a video you favorite, you can connect yourself to your Facebook and Twitter and any activity you do at the video websites will automatically be sent to Facebook and Twitter.

I belong to Yahoo video and Yahoo video is huge. They allow you to share any activity you do with dozens of other websites. You create an account, you create a video or favorite a video or update your profile (channel) and automatically your activity is sent to dozens of other websites. The only requirement is to sign up to the sharing websites to create an account, link your accounts to Yahoo then any activity you do at Yahoo video is automatically sent to the dozens of accounts your created. Connecting all of the sharing websites to Yahoo is a huge time saver.

I have an Hub at Hubpages which has a list of direct links to join the video websites. Take the time to visit the link in my signature to easily join a handful of video websites.

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