During all the time that I have been working online, trying to make my websites hit that sweet spot where all of a sudden, visitors start rolling in, I have been doing some testing with different companies that offer link building services in order to find the one that works best for me and in the process I have come across some companies that really suck.

Instead of offering what they claim on their selling pages, results that I got back after using their services were not worth the money spent to say the least.

I was already getting a little dis-hearted by the thought of having to keep doing all the work myself until I was pointed towards a company that was actually offering high quality link building services for a decent price, and not the low quality link packages that you see on offer all the time.

After checking out their website and different packages they offer I decided to give it one more try and I have to say, I am really impressed by the results so far that I have seen with the help of Submitedge.

The first project I decided to promote, well over a year ago now, consisted of 3 keywords. These 3 keywords I chose to promote through their services were focussing on a website I created to promote a particular product and not only are they now on the first page of google, they are actually ranking 1st, 2nd and 3rd! That to me was convincing enough stick with this company and keep using their service off and on, whenever I felt a particular keyword needed an extra little push, when I could not rank it on first page myself, or whenever the keyword just got stuck below the fold, instead of going to the top 3 spots.  I know there must be more webmasters around who could benefit of these services and if you are struggling to push your keywords up, you might want to consider using their service as well.

A small outline of what they offer:

  • Manual Directory Submission to high PR directories, with 10 different titles and 10 different descriptions in order to make the submissions look as natural as possible, starting at only $15
  • Article Writing Service combined with manual submission to high PR article sites for rates starting as low as $30
  • Social Bookmarking Services with different tags and titles starting at only $35 for 125 high ranking bookmarking sites
  • Search Engine submission to the most popular search engines, starting at only $29 and offering different packages that will ensure your site will be submitted over a longer period of time, all with detailed reports of submission
  • Garantueed Google Indexing with a full refund if magic doesn´t happen
  • Linkbaiting and blog review services to generate buzz
  • Complete Linkbuilding packages where you get the best of all their offers combined to ensure fast and widespread exposure online

So as you can see they offer a wide variety of possibilities for every pocket but best of all, you actually do get what you pay for and that is high quality linkbuilding, a must for every webmaster these days who wants to be in the big league!

Apart from the above packages, they have also started offering the creation of full linkwheels, as well as a few other SEO improving services, but especially the linkwheels service looks really interesting to me. With the recent Google Panda update and many search results plummiting to all time lows, it has become important to create a whole variety of links to your sites, in a way that seems natural. This means of course, that it probably is not the greatest of ideas to created hundreds of links a week to a new site, or have the amount of links you build, be inconsistent over time.

I especially like the linkbaiting service they offer, because it can actually cause an avelanche of links to your site, from all different places, and all because people freely choose to link to your blog. This means that all links are coming from different IP´s, different types of sites and media.

If you feel that you can do a better job writing all the content for links yourself, there is another option to consider, which is the use of Build My Rank. BMR is a membership site where you pay a monthly fee to be able to create links to 5 different domains (this can be websites you own, but you could also build links to web 2.0 properties like Adsense revenue sharing sites). You are allowed up to 10 links a day per domain, so that means 300 links per month.

Basically, what you do is write a short article of at least 150 words, a little snippet as they say, and put a link to the URL you want to promote. Once finished, you just submit and BMR will look at the article, approve it and then publish it on a huge network of PR1-PR7 blogs. You will not need to spend any time researching where to publish it, you just write and submit, write and submit and so on.

So why would you want to pay for a membership if you could publish snippets on, say, redgage or other similar sites? The answer is simple and straight forward, because you will get a huge diversification of the links, instead of having them all published on the same site! This in the long run, will pay off and again, from personal experience, I have seen keywords go up from 3rd to first place, seen keywords go from 9th place to 2nd and all sorts of positive results, enough to impress me and stick with this service for now.

You can try them out for a free 10 day trial, during which you can post 10 links to your site, and just cancel if you feel it is not for you, which is perfectly fine as well. One word of advice though, if you do sign up, make sure you use it and get the best out of this program. You will soon see that it pays for itself by the increase of income and it can be of huge help to get your business rolling.