Whilst it’s easier to send a text, an email or a tweet, the fact that you’ve gone to the trouble of choosing just the right card will, in itself, underline how much you mean what you say. This is especially true when something has gone wrong, and sending sorry cards to the people who’ve been affected is the clearest way of letting them know you’re thinking of them.

If you want to apologise to someone, then there are many ways that you can go about doing so. The most obvious, of course, is just to meet someone face to face and tell them that you genuinely regret whatever happened. There are times, however, when this simply isn’t possible. It may be that the person you’ve hurt or upset is a long way away from you, or the pain and anger are still too fresh for them to accept meeting you. The same caveats apply to the notion of phoning someone to apologise – it could be that they simply refuse to take your call, or that any conversation, whilst the incident is still fresh, will spiral out of control and become an argument before you know it.

On some occasions it might be suitable to choose a gift of some kind and send it to the person in question. Whilst this may prove to be suitably conciliatory where some arguments or problems are concerned, it may also create the impression that you haven’t put a great deal of thought into the apology. After all, merely popping into a shop and taking something down off a shelf can be pretty quick and easy, and may end up looking like you’re merely trying to create an impression, rather than putting any genuine thought into it.

One of the best ways of apologising is via the medium of photo cards. A hand written message inside the card will take the heat out of the situation by clearly setting out exactly how sorry you are in a manner which the recipient will take the time to read and digest. The only way in which you could make this message even clearer is to create your card, using a photograph of your own which clearly reflects your sentiments. Once you’ve chosen the right image, you can upload it to the relevant website and then use the software provided to design the perfect card. Once you’ve chosen the size, shape and layout, as well as adding any text you might want to feature, the card will be printed to the highest standards, using thick, glossy card and the latest, best printing techniques. The fact that it is unique and has clearly been made by you will mean that the message within it is digested and taken as seriously as you want it to be.

No matter how careful you are, there are times when things can go wrong, and the best lesson to be learned from any mistakes you might make is that sometimes the best thing to do is hold your hands up and apologise. Making sure that the apology you make is seen as being genuine and heartfelt greatly increases the chance of you and the other party being able to reconcile and move on with your lives. There is an old saying which states that sorry is the hardest word. This may be so, but there are times when it’s the very best word you can use.