One of the chief benefits of digital photo prints lies in the flexibility they offer to each and every consumer. Not only can you take as many photographs as you like and have them turned into multiple prints, but you can also use them as the basis for bespoke gifts, such as turning a collection of your favourite images into a unique photo book to be given as a gift.

The flexibility of digital photo prints extends way beyond what can be done in terms of printing off images and having them copied or enlarged. It’s now possible to turn your precious images into a wide range of items, lots of which are ideal if you’re looking for perfect Mothers day photo gifts. The fact that the gift in question will be based upon a photograph which belongs to you and only you will mean that it is personal and heartfelt in a way which mass produced items could never hope to match. In particular, when trying to come up with the perfect gift for a Mother, what could be better than one which features a favourite image of your much loved children?

Amongst the many items which can be produced by taking advantage of the flexibility of digital technology are smaller things such as fridge magnets and mouse mats and, at the very cheapest end of the spectrum, self produced photo cards. The whole point of greeting cards is that they represent a reassuringly old fashioned means via which to let someone know how much you care about them. Unlike text messages, facebook updates or tweets, they require a degree of thought and effort which, in its’ own right, represents a gesture of goodwill. On top of this, finding just the right image on a card will allow you to truly get your message across and make it perfectly plain that you understand the tastes and personality of the recipient and have taken the time to appeal to them. Creating your own card, using a digital photograph that you’ve taken yourself, is the one guaranteed means of making sure that you get things absolutely right, and, while this may sound like a daunting prospect, it’s actually been made extremely simple.

All you need to do is upload the perfect image to the website, and then decide on the size and shape of the card, before opting for extras such as text. The finished item will be just as professional as one which has been bought from a shop, whilst also being utterly unique. Even more impressive is the fact that the same principle applies to putting together luxury photo books showcasing a selection of your favourite images in a way which only professional photographers would once have been able to aspire to.