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Today starting your own blog is easier than ever. With these simple yet effective techniques I will show you how to get started today and be on your way to earning a passive income. The best part about it is that with a little effort now you can create a nice cash cow.

The Bones

Setting Up the Foundation of Your Blog

The first thing you will need is to register a domain name and find a hosting company. There are many inexpensive options to choose from, like bluehost,which provide both services as a bundle as well as one click WordPress installation. You can easily have the web address of your choice registered and running in just a few minutes. Hosting providers make extra money by selling domain protection and backup services but you don't really need them to start your blog. You can also get a free blog at places like website like but they include the company name in the web address. For a truly professional look, you will want to register your own URL address so that people take your blog more seriously.

The Skin

First Impressions Are Important

The great thing about WordPress is that there are a ton of free and premium themes you can choose from. They are essentially professionally designed templates that allow your blog to have a uniform high quality appearance. You don't have to know anything about design to use one and if you plan on monetizing your blog or selling products you may want to invest in a quality theme. There are also all kinds of great plugins that you can install from custom form designers to analytics tools to track traffic to your site

The Meat

You Have Nothing Without Substance

The stuff you write about on your blog will be the key to your success. Provide excellent and engaging content and people will share your posts with their friends and colleagues. Make sure you avoid fluff and provide quality content that your readers will benefit from. Every time you write a post keep your readers in mind to ensure they will enjoy it. The key is to pick a topic you are passionate about. Many bloggers get burnt out within just a few posts because earning a passive income was their primary concern. You will need a topic you find fascinating so that it continually fuels your drive to keep writing.

Online Profits

The Gravy

Reaping the Benefits

So you've worked really hard putting together awesome content and your blog has a highly polished look, what's next? It's time to reap the benefits and implement the right combination of monetization techniques. There are many options to choose from depending on the niche you are covering and you can always try a mix and see which work best for you. The primary method is usually to place advertisements on your website. You can go with a service like Google's AdSense or you can seek out individual advertisers in your niche. Another form of monetization are affiliate programs such as the Amazon Associates program where you provide links to affiliate products and earn a percentage of the sales. Lastly you can also sell a physical or virtual product like an e-book or webinar to earn a steady stream of passive income.

A Call to Action

It All Begins With a First Step

Blogging isn't for everybody but it can be a very low cost way to start earning a passive income. They take time and effort up front but if you use the right traffic building techniques like SEO and Social Media your site can become very successful and generate a steady stream of income. All it takes to get is started is registering your domain and signing up for hosting with a company like bluehost. Make sure you stick to what you are passionate about and constantly practice refining your content and design. Give it a try, go out and start your own blog today.