Before the advent of digital photography, personalised Christmas gifts based around photographs were virtually unheard of. The fact that digital photo prints can be so easily and widely manipulated, however, has led to a boom in the number of items which it is now possible to produce using them. Amongst the most spectacular, and thus most likely to provide fantastic Christmas photo gifts, are canvas prints.

The art of putting photos on canvas is one which has become incredibly popular in recent years. The reasons for this are obvious – canvas prints have always represented a fantastic and affordable means of getting a favourite piece of art up on the walls of your home, and using photographic imagery to do so means that the image in question can be virtually anything. Thus, the warmth and tradition of an artist’s canvas is combined with the modernity of the photographic image to produce an artefact which is stunning because it is simultaneously timeless and yet totally up to date.

Choosing Christmas photo gifts of this nature, however, can still often be extremely tricky, and that’s because it’s so difficult to find exactly the right image. The art that people put up on the walls of their home is intensely personal, and is more than just decorative. It is a means of making a statement about the kind of person you are, and the image which you want any visitors to take away with them. That’s why choosing canvas photo prints to give to people is such a delicate task. Get it right, and you’ll have given them a gift which will delight and continue to give pleasure for many years to come. Get it wrong, however, and the print in question will probably never even see the light of day. That’s why giving personalised Christmas gifts which turn your own photo prints into large scale works of art is such a fantastic idea.

When photographs were taken onto rolls of film and developed on paper, the task of turning them into an image on canvas was one which was well beyond the reach of ordinary people. The ease with which digital images can be manipulated, however, means that the art of canvas printing is now well within the reach of absolutely anyone. The first thing to do is choose precisely which image you wish to have immortalised. It could be a photograph of one of your loved ones favourite places, such as a football fans favourite ground, or a nature lovers number one beauty spot. The choice is yours, but the point to remember is that you can take your time to choose the image which is exactly right, and which will be truly unique in a way which mass produced, off the shelf artwork could never hope to match.

Once you’ve chosen the image which you know the recipient will be pleased and proud to display on their wall, you merely have to upload it at the dedicated website and then utilise the software to design the perfect print. Some people may prefer a small, square print, whilst other images might be better suited to being reproduced as a dramatic landscape or portrait canvas. The choice is yours, as is every other factor of the print, and the finished product will be more than a match for anything produced by a professional artist. Not only will it be greeted with delight on the day, but the fact that it is wipe clean and won’t fade in the sunlight means that it will continue to delight for years afterwards.