Distressed black kitchen cabinets are really in nowadays. Not only do they give off a rustic atmosphere in the kitchen, they also go well with some of the modernity in the kitchen. The black just blends right in. Plus, it is also French and chic, but at the same time antique.

To those who order such cabinets, please don't stress out on what damage they might get in delivery. You are totally missing the whole point. The scratches and dents give the cabinets the rustic aura you are searching for.

For those of you who are daring enough to actually create and design your own distressed black kitchen cabinets, the basic and usual method is to paint the original kitchen cabinets with black, and then the styling begins.

They make the cabinets look deteriorated as much as they want them to be, and then finishing it off with a coat of varnish for protection. If you are new to this, then here are some useful tips you can definitely manage by yourself to make your kitchen cabinet ideas become a reality.

The basic materials needed are paintbrushes, hammer, sand paper, varnish, and the most important particularly for distressed black kitchen cabinets, paint. You will be needing two colors of paint, one is black, the other is a color of your choice.

The first step is to paint the cabinets with the other color. You could try brown to make it more natural. Any neutral color of your choice will do. This layer of paint will actually be the one seen underneath the second layer of paint which is black.

Wait for the first layer of paint to completely dry before putting on the black paint. This would probably take half a day for each layer of paint to dry. Then it's time to "distress" the cabinets.

Use the sand paper first to wear off the paint. Use it also to smoothen sharp edges of the cabinets. Then hammer the cabinets to your satisfaction to create the dents that give it a really worn out appearance.

You could also add some scratches and "wormholes." And when you are satisfied with your work, coat it with varnish for protection. It makes the cabinets resistant to moisture as well as make them last longer. You may also want to consider some glaze finish kitchen cabinets to make your cabinets stand out even more.

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