Canvas has a way of making pictures take on a more dramatic effect because of its texture. Here are some photo ideas that you can use for your personal work of art.

Family and Friends

One of the best photo print ideas that you can print on canvas is that of people you know. The pictures could be of parents, grandparents, children, friends, and acquaintances at the beach, on vacation, and even in ordinary and everyday circumstances.

Special Occasions and Holidays

Special occasions and holidays always present chances for you to take beautiful pictures worthy of canvas printing. New Year, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and birthdays are some of the many holidays that many celebrate. There are also weddings, anniversaries, christening, and even house parties where you and the people you care about can have fun and create lasting memories.


Pet owners take pictures of their pet animals as often as they do of their own family members. If you love your pet, why don't you get a picture of your pooch or kitten and use the picture as photo printing on canvas? Hang the picture in your living room to show everyone how much you care.

Still life

Painters and photographers will usually have a photo or two of still life shots in their portfolio. Inanimate objects such as fruits, flowers, and greenery have captured the attention of artists for one reason or another. Take a picture of your favorite plant and turn it into an instant work of art by converting it into a canvas print.


If you have a company, you can print your advertisements on canvas. Show pictures of your products and services, your store's location, and upcoming events that customers and potential customers can check out.


Food is an experience. When you see a picture of food that you particularly like, it gives you a feeling of happiness and excitement. For instance, if you are fond of Italian food, look for a picture that features all of your favorites and have the photo printed on canvas. Likewise, breads and confections like desserts are great subjects. You can hang the canvas prints in the kitchen or in the dining room to give you more appetite during meals.

Famous People

You may be a fan of famous people for political, social, and many other reasons. Martin Luther King, Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, and Mother Theresa are some of the most influential people of the century. If you consider these people or other famous individuals, like John Lennon, Jim Morrison, and Bob Dylan your heroes, then get their photos printed on canvas. You can hang these photos in your house to remind you of the people and the ideals they embody.

Breathtaking Vistas

What better way to see your favorite view everyday by getting it printed on canvas? For instance, if you like the view from the Skywalk at the Grand Canyon, all you need is a picture of your favorite spot. Once you get it printed on canvas, you can hang the photo anywhere and you can enjoy the view on a daily basis.

Canvas printing made it possible to turn even the simplest and most ordinary of pictures into artworks. Start your very own gallery today.