If you love to sing then karaoke is the perfect accompaniment. Its like having a band at your disposal. Over the years there have been thousands of songs in all genres released as karaoke. Generally, the karaoke music manufacturers release only the old standards and popular (top 40) songs that received a lot of airplay.

Unfortunately this means that many great songs never get released as karaoke. And while some manufacturers accept song suggestions it is highly unlikely that submitting them will do you any good. But you do have options.

There are software applications that will allow you to create your own karaoke song tracks, complete with synchronized shading in lyrics. There is a small learning curve but very good results can be realized.

The biggest obstacle to overcome is obtaining good quality audio backing tracks. There are software applications that claim to remove the vocals from standard songs but these work well on a very limited number of songs and always degrade the music.

There are online sources of pre-made backing tracks but the chances of finding the one(s) you want are slim. Most of the time you will find that there are already karaoke versions of the pre-made tracks. So what you are left with is having a backing track custom made. There are many companies that do this and they are easy to find with a simple web search.

Once you have your backing track it's all a matter of synchronizing the lyrics with the music. This is where CD+G authoring software comes in. These programs have you import the music file and a text file of the lyrics. While playing the music you will tap the keyboard space key to manually synchronize the lyrics.

It takes a little practice but anyone can become quite adept at this. The software will also allow you to fine tune the results. You will be able to add a splash page at the beginning of the song and another at the end. Images may be introduced but being the CD+G format supports only 16 colors the images are limited to basically line-art.

When finished the song track output will be in a karaoke format that can be played with computer software or used to create a karaoke CD+G disc that will play in virtually any karaoke machine. And you are most likely the only person to have a karaoke version of the song.

If you really don't care about ending up with a high quality karaoke song track you might opt to go with a vocal removed version of the audio track. This would be fine for your own enjoyment at home.