Whilst the ease, simplicity and relative cheapness of digital photo prints have all conspired to make the analogue alternative look anachronistic in the extreme, the main advantage of the leap forward in technology lies elsewhere. Not only can your images now be printed time and again and be perfect every time, but they can also be used on Mother’s day as the basis of stunning gifts for Mum.

Before the widespread take-up of digital photography, the process of photo developing was one which placed a severe limit upon the number of pictures which anyone felt able to take. Not only was the roll of film itself limited to a number of shots such as twenty four or thirty six, but once it was full it would have to be carefully removed from the camera and then passed onto others for the actual work to be done. Given the fragile nature of the celluloid film itself and the specialist equipment and skills needed, only a tiny minority of the population were ever able to undertake the process themselves, meaning that the film had to be handed over to a specialist high street laboratory or sent away in the post.

Digital photo printing, on the other hand, is a quick and simple process which absolutely anyone with access to a PC and printer can undertake in a few moments and in the comfort of their own home. Even if you don’t have this equipment yourself, many shops and most supermarkets provide the facilities at a reasonable price, usually a matter of pennies for each of the individual photo prints.

The ease of use and flexibility of digital photography doesn’t end when you print off the pictures, however. The range of items which you can create which would make ideal Mothers day gifts is huge, from small and fairly inexpensive items such as key rings, to larger more lavish gifts such as photos printed onto canvas.

When you’re deciding exactly which gifts for mum to hand over, it should be borne in mind that you can take advantage of the chance to do things like calendar printing. Whereas, in the past, putting together a full colour wall calendar was something which only professionals would be able to do, now absolutely anyone can do it by simply uploading the images they wish to use and then utilising the software to plan the layout. Calendars which are put together using favourite family photographs or shots of the kids at play throughout the year make perfect gifts for Mum. Not only are they intensely personal in nature and cheering and heart-warming, but they are also manufactured to the same kind of quality you’d expect to find in the shops, meaning that they’ll last for many years to come.

Rather than just taking your digital photo prints for granted, and getting them out to look at every now and then, use them to create gifts for Mum and make this Mothers day one that she’ll always remember.