This merry season is all about giving to others, and why not do to in a uniquely creative way? There are many creative gifts that you can give to others throughout this jolly time; however, many people overlook the idea of using unique Christmas gift wrapping to surround those unique gifts. There are a ton of different Christmas gift wrapping that you can purchase at your local decor store; however, they will not really add to the value of the gift in any way. If you choose to create your own unique Christmas gift wrapping, it will add to the present in a creative, aesthetic, and personal way!

Children's Drawings As Unique Christmas Gift Wrapping Merry Christmas Gift Wrapping PaperCredit:

This idea is absolutely perfect for a son or daughter's gift to their parents. To create this unique Christmas gift wrapping all that you must do is simply have the children draw on sheets of paper. The amount of paper that you will need depends on the size of the present, and the type of paper that you decide to use is entirely up to your discretion; however, the general idea is to create the wrapping paper out of drawings. Another option is to have the children draw on multiple sheets of paper, and tape all of those sheets together to create an aggregate wrapping!

Meaningful Words As Unique Christmas Gift Wrapping

This is a perfect idea for a husband or wife's present to their significant other. This unique Christmas gift wrapping basically involves writing down a plethora of meaningful words on one or multiple sheets of paper. The words can all have a common theme, situation, or all have significance to the relationship that you are in with that person. One idea would be to write down all of the names of movies that you have seen, places that you have visited, and restaurants that you have eaten at with that individual.

Personal Images Collage As A Unique Christmas Gift Wrapping Icy Snowflake Christmas Gift WrappingCredit:

This is a perfect idea for a gift to absolutely anybody, no matter what relationship that you have with them. Your goal for this unique Christmas gift wrapping is to create a collage of a bunch of pictures that are surrounding a common theme. Examples of themed pictures could include pictures of you with that person, various pictures of superheroes, actors, singers, or video games. For an added effect try to choose pictures that are all related to the present that you have chosen for that individual; they will serve as hints to the gift by doing this.

Construction Paper Pattern As A Unique Christmas Gift Wrapping

You may remember doing something like this in your grade 4 art class; I bet that you hSilver Christmas Tree Holiday Gift WrappingCredit: Amazon.comad absolutely no idea that you would be using it to surround gifts years later. The idea surrounding this unique Christmas gift wrapping is creating a pattern or multiple patterns out of colored construction paper, and using that pattern that surround the present that you have purchased for that individual. The amount of colors, patterns, construction paper sheets, and styles that you decide to use is entirely up to you, and it will only become better with more creativity being integrated into it.

Collection Of Receipts As Unique Christmas Gift Wrapping

This can be used as a commemoration to a relationship with another individual, or simply as a cool and creative Christmas gift wrapping. The idea behind this design is to join multiple receipts together with either tape or glue, and use those joined receipts to wrap around your present. For an added effect you should try to use receipts that all fall under the same common theme. For instance, you could use a whole bunch of clothing receipts when the gift that you have purchase is a piece of clothing!

Many people have a common misconception that it is only the present underneath the wrapping that counts; however, the use of these ideas will easily prove otherwise. There are a ton of things that you can do to create your own wrapping paper to surround your presents; however, some require much skill, and others require materials that are difficult to obtain. This article lists and describes 5 unique Christmas gift wrapping ideas that are relatively easy to create, and can be done by absolutely anybody; use them during the next Christmas season, and you will surely be ecstatic about the results!