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Create a Butterfly Garden

Once you get started, you'll love how quickly they come and stay!


Create a Butterfly Garden

A butterfly garden can give additional enjoyment to your yard any time of the year. It's also a very educational way to teach young children about nature. They're fairly quick and easy to design, plant and have butterflies in your yard in no time. You'll also be able to keep many butterflies coming to your garden frequently with a well planned garden that is designed with them in mind.

Creating this little oasis in your yard will help you entice many different types of butterflies such as: swallowtail, painted ladies, American ladies, red admirals, fritillaries, hairstreaks and the monarchs.

Design a butterfly garden

Butterflies are attracted to colorful and vibrant flowers and space you choose for your own garden can be located in a small or large area so they work for almost everyone.

Plan to add flowers that will look nice against your home so that you'll want to keep your garden for years to come without changing the location. Instead, you can add new plants, shrubs and flowers to it each year to improve it and keep more butterflies arriving and staying.

Choose an area along the back or side of your home near a window so that you'll be able to view the butterflies easily when they arrive. Butterflies need shelter and your home as a backdrop can help to keep them safe from the wind and rain. Choose the sunny area since butterflies prefer to eat in the sunshine!

Choose an area that won't be affected by pesticides since this can hurt and destroy the caterpillars and butterflies.


Choosing Butterfly Garden Plants


Butterfly on Hibiscus

Choose plants native to your area by doing a little research. Many of the plants, flowers, herbs and shrubs that attract these beautiful creatures are hardy to most areas and can grow quite easily without much maintenance. Some of the more common plants to consider include the following:

Common Milkweed – is a popular attraction to many butterflies as they enjoy the nectar from this easy to grow plant.

Hollyhocks – another popular flower that attracts butterflies

Sunflower – a colorful perennial that contains a lot of nectar that butterflies love and need as well as a tall growing plant that can be placed nearest the back wall

Butterfly Bush – this colorful plant has abundant flowers and nectar for butterflies

Hydrangea – the full flower head of these beautiful plants/shrubs and come in a wide variety of colors sure to please your butterflies and keep them around your home for a long time


Other Butterfly Garden Plants to include:

Butterfly garden (27039)



Moss verbena

Coral bean

Tube flower



Black eyed susan





Bee Balm



Herbs for the Butterfly Garden

Herbs can easily be added to the garden and although most are annuals, the butterflies will still stay around because of the many perennials and shrubs you can add.


Lemon balm




Many flowering trees will also attract butterflies for shelter and food and can be included around your landscape to keep them nearby.


Muddy Area

Butterflies prefer to get their water from a muddy area so be sure to include a puddle area so that you can keep and watch them in action!

Create a butterfly garden quickly and easily for hours of the enjoyment of nature.

Easy seeds to start your perfect garden

Scatter wildflower seeds

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Seeds are an inexpensive way to start planting your garden and although it takes a little longer to see results, plant in Spring or Fall for the next season.