One of the newest and sweetest trends in wedding receptions is the candy buffet. A buffet filled with candy and treats and party favor bags or boxes is set up for a take-home treat at the wedding reception.

Things You Will Need

an area to set up
favor bags or boxes

Step 1

Choose Candy

Choose candy to give out at the wedding reception. You'll find a lot of options like personalised chocolate bars, wrapped candy, chocolate roses, jelly beans, and more. You can buy your wedding candy online if you want to and have it delivered to you. (Allow plenty of time if you're ordering personalized candy!)

You can get personalised wedding candy, retro candy, and all sorts of options for giving it out. Nice, personalised bags or boxes with the bride & groom's name and the wedding date is a nice touch.

Step 2

Decide on Your Set-Up

You can set up a gorgeous candy buffet for the wedding. You'll find plenty of ways to set it up. You can include topiaries, fountains, and layered tiers. You can colour coordinate the candy buffet to your wedding colours if you like as well. You may have it brought out at some point during the reception or cover it and unveil it later as a surprise. You'll be amazed at how much people enjoy it!

Step 3

Unveil the Candy Buffet

You can do the unveiling of the candy bar several ways. Some people do it at the end of the night and others make it part of the receiving line and have the wedding party or the bride and groom serve the candy. It can make a great surprise

Wedding trends come and go but the candy buffet is a sweet way to give your guests a fun party favour.

Tips & Warnings

Be aware of allergies!
Have someone man the station and help give out the candy to ensure everyone gets some
Save some for yourself as a memento!
Have someone videotape the candy buffet so you can see how much fun people have with it!
Consider having a chocolate fountain with some fresh fruit beside your candy bar