Do you and your family have your very own special family Christmas tradition that you guys participate in each year. If you do not, then you should create a Christmas tradition this year. Events like this makes the Christmas holiday so special and unforgettable. Having your own Christmas traditions brings everyone closer and it fills a warm place in your heart like no other.

If you would like to create a Christmas tradition, it is not very difficult to do at all. With some imagination, you can find something to do that the family will look forward to year after year. One of the things me and my family do each year is bake a cake for Jesus. This instills the understanding in children of what the meaning of Christmas is really about. I enjoyed doing this when they were young, because it took some of the materialism away from the holiday.

Another Christmas tradition that we use to do in our family was gather at my grandparent house on Christmas day after lunch. We would open gifts and spend time together. My grandparent had a piano, and after dinner, everyone one would gather around and listen to grandpa and uncle Danny sing Christmas carols. This occasion holds some of my fondest memories.

Our only other Christmas tradition was that after Thanksgiving dinner the family would congregate around the fireplace and spend time together. After we recovered from all of the food, my boyfriend would go out to the shed and get the Christmas tree. Everyone that was present at Thanksgiving would get to put on ornament on the tree. We do this every year, and if the truth be known, this should fall under Thanksgiving traditions. But you get the idea.

Some people attend Mass on Christmas Eve. The place where I live at Lake Royale puts on a parade using decorated golf carts. Afterwards, the decorated golf carts are voted on, and the winner gets a cash prize. Some people will read a Christmas story to their children on Christmas Eve night. Others gather at night and drive around and look at the most decorated houses and nativity scenes. Still some people go see a Christmas show like The Rockettes every year during their national tour.

Here are some ideas that can help you to create a Christmas tradition in your family. Each Christmas you could purchase a Thomas Kinkade ornament for your child. Amazon has a large selection of these at a reasonable price. After they open this gift and looked at it, you should put it in a safe place until they are grown and have their own home. When the time is right give them the ornaments to decorate their tree with. This will give them a nice start on a beautiful tree, and you can add an ornament each year after that.

If you have a new baby girl, then start her first Christmas out with a real pearl. Check with a jeweler before attempting this so you can get an education on the different pearls that are available. There are lots of different types, but natural pearls are more expensive and valuable that cultured pearls. Imitation pearls are only good for costume jewelry and they are virtual worthless. Furthermore, pearls come in different shapes and sizes, so if you are going to do this over a period of 18 or 21 years, you will want them to all be alike. For more information on this subject a good website to go to is Pearl Paradise. Anyway purchase her one a year until she gets to be 18 or 21 and then have them made into a strand and give it to her for that Christmas. This is a priceless present that will make you very popular. If you have a new baby boy then buy him a savings bond for the same amount as the cost of a pearl each year, then give it to him when he turns 18 or 21.

The above idea can be done with just about anything. If that is too pricey for you, then using the same concept, pick something more in your price range. You can do this with gold coins, stamps, comic books, baseball cards, and dolls. Just remember that this particular gift is one that in some cases should never be taken out of the original packaging and used. Comic book, collector doll, and baseball cards are worth more unopened. As far as the coins and stamps go, you will need to put those items up for them until they are grown and can be responsible with them. I know that these ideas are more about gift giving, but they are also an event that is considered a Christmas tradition.

Another great idea is to pick a child from an angel tree, and buy their Christmas. Some children desperately need this service. Every child deserves something for Christmas. You could also adopt a soldier for Christmas. Some of the people in the military never hear anything from the states while they are serving our country. Have your family adopt one for the year and make someones service seem a little more fullfilling.

Maybe you don't want to create a new Christmas tradition, but rather use an old one. Lots of families and departments like to play dirty Santa. If you don't know what dirty Santa is then I will give you a quick rundown. The idea of the game is to bring a gift that anybody can use, but you want to be able to leave with the best gift. Some people bring gag gifts as a joke. Numbers are written down on pieces of paper that equal to the number of gifts. You want a higher number. The person with #1 picks a present first and opens it. The next player is the one with #2. They can steal the open gift if they want it, or they can pick from the pile of gifts. This continues until everyone has had a turn. A gift can only be stolen 3 times. The third time the same gift has been stolen, no one can steal it back from that player. This create a situation where the player with the highest number doesn't necessarily end up with the best gift. It is lots of fun. The Respiratory Department that I use to work at plays this game every year.

There are numerous ways to create a Christmas tradition for your immediate or entire family. If you look around the internet, this is the part of Christmas that is usually mentioned remembered over gifts in the end. I do not remember every gift I ever got at Christmas time, however, I do remember the events surrounding our traditions. Do something different and special for your family and make your Christmas special and unique.