Building a Coin Zoo is a fun way to teach children about animals, birds, fish and sea creatures. Your Coin Zoo can be inexpensive, yet provide hours of fun and education for your children and yourself. Building a your metal zoo is very easy - just follow these steps:

Things You Will Need

* Three Ring Binder(s)

* Selection of 2X2 cardboard flips

* Plastic pages to hold the cardboard coin flips

* Assorted coins from around the world

* Stapler & Nice Pen

These supplies are available at Amazon for decent prices.

Step 1

Either visit a physical store or go online to get your 2 inch by 2 inch coin flips. While the outside dimensions are fixed, the circle size varies to fit US coin sizes and therefore similarly sized coins from anywhere in the world.  You will want to get a selection of circle sizes and than match up the best size for each collection item.

Also get 10 or 20 plastic sheets for a three ring binder designed to hold 2X2 cardboard flips. Amazon is a good online source of flips and plastic pages for your zoo binder.

Step 2

From Home: Most people interested in coins have a coin jar - check it for animal, fish, bird and other creature coins. From Coin Dealers: Most coin dealers have a bin of mixed international coins to pick through. For a few cents a piece your kids can build their zoo out with coins from all kinds of countries and dates. From Coin Shows: Go to a local coin show and look for bulk international coin lots. You can buy mixed coins by the pound at coin shows and then your kids can pick through them for their collection. Set the non-zoo coins aside for building a future collection or to trade. From the Internet: Do some searching and you will find collections of animal coins suitable for your zoo. Ebay and online dealers are good places to look. Also check out the coin forums for direct deals. From the Bank: The US state quarter series includes a lot of animals and birds. Add buffalo, horses, cows and many birds. Also collect American coins with various eagles depicted on them.

Step 3

This optional step will cost a lot more but will be a great investment. From Chinese Pandas, Australian kangaroos to 1/2 ounce Canadian Silver wolves, you will find that animals and birds are a very popular subject matter for precious metal coins. Check out a reputable coin dealer and start acquiring silver, gold, and platinum coins to add to your zoo.

Step 4

Use the 2X2 coin flips to organize your coin zoo into a binder. Add the Country in one corner of the flip and other details like denomination or date in the other top corner. Across the bottom of the coin flip note the animal name and any interesting details you were able to research. This will make it much more interesting to view the collection later. Consistently marking the same information with the same black pen in the same parts of the flip will make your collection look nicer and neater. As your collection grows you can pull the coin flips from the plastic pages and start to classify the coins just like you would find in a large zoo. You might make a page of mammals, another for birds, and another for the sea. You can further classify between domestic (Coin Farm) and wild animals. Or classify by areas of the world - perhaps by continent of origin. As the coin zoo keepers you can do whatever you or your children think is right and change things up as the coin collection grows.

Tips & Warnings

* When you have built your Coin Zoo, Coin Aquarium, and Coin Bird Collection, consider what other subjects you want to collect.

* Check out Daniel's Coin Zoo for some great ideas.

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