Create a Gift Wrapping Station at Home

Create a Gift Wrapping Station at Home

If you find yourself stressed over the simple task of having to wrap a gift because all of your supplies are scattered all through your home, why not consider a Gift Wrapping Station at Home that can make your life easier, less hectic and speed up the gift wrapping process.

Organize your gift wrapping supplies to keep them all in one area and to help you avoid buying more wrapping paper, tissue, gift bags etc. that you already own but don't know where they are. Organizing helps to save money, reduces clutter and reduces stress.

With a few basic rules and organizing tips you can create your own gift area wrapping station in a day.

Choose an Area for the Gift Wrapping Station at Home

Do you have an unused guest room, area in the basement or under a staircase or an old bookcase that could easily be converted into a gift wrapping station? Most people have at least one area that is unused and could be repurposed for a place to do all of your wrapping. Look around your home and find a place that could work for this project.

Things You Will Need:


Area to repurpose into gift wrapping station


Pegboard hooks


Dowel rods (at least 24" long) and brackets

Shelves and brackets

Decorative photo boxes

Clear containers assorted sizes



Garbage Can

Gather your Gift Wrapping Supplies

Gather all gift wrapping supplies and organize in the area where your new gift wrapping station will be. Look in all closets, drawers, cupboards, storage areas and include all wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, scissors, tapes, craft wire, floral tape, markers, baskets, gift tags, tissue paper, cellophane, bubble wrap and everything that you already own that is used for your gift wrapping projects.

Once you have all gift wrapping supplies in front of you, you may decide that your space won't be large enough and you may need to search for a new area of your home.

Starting your project:

Set your worktable in place where you want it that will become the center focal piece of the gift wrapping station.

If you'll be using a basement area or bookcase, add a sheet of pegboard to the wall above the worktable using cement glue or screws, depending on the surface you're adhering to. You'll need to cut it if using underneath a staircase so that it fits. Paint it if you want to match your décor, otherwise it will look fine as a natural backing.

Attach brackets to the pegboard to hold dowel rods. Hang these brackets closer to the worktable for easy access to the wrapping paper without having to stretch to reach it. One dowel rod will hold one roll of wrapping paper so use several so that you can have easy access to several types of paper. If the dowel rod is long enough, you may be able to add a roll of ribbon to the end. If not, hang another dowel rod to hold all your various rolls of ribbon. Leave enough room between each dowel rod so that the wrapping paper can roll easily without interfering with the next roll.

Add one or two shelves to the pegboard using more brackets and place above the wrapping paper rolls. The shelves will come in handy to organize small photo boxes or other containers.

Putting your Gift Wrapping Station Together

Now that the main organizing pieces are on your work station, it's time to get it working for you.

Add the rolls of wrapping paper to the dowel rods and place on top of the brackets.

Use the photo boxes or clear smaller containers to house small items. Use one box for each item such as one for gift cards, small bows, one for loose ribbons, one for gift tags and organize all those small items that seem to get lost or at the bottom of a bag or container.

Label each photo box with a sharpie so you'll know exactly what's in each box for fast and easy access to your supplies.

Use the peg hooks on the pegboard to hold scissors, especially if you have several pairs with different cutting edges. Place two hooks evenly spaced apart to store a ruler or other straight edge.

Fold and stack all tissue paper and keep neatly on one of the shelves.

Use drawers with small dividers if your worktable is a desk to keep the smaller items organized and out of sight.

Use a clear storage container to keep bubble wrap and other packing material visible and at arm's length. Keep the lids on all containers to keep everything clean and dust free. Label the container with the sharpie.

Use another clear storage container to keep extra rolls of wrapping paper if you have many kinds for holidays, birthdays, weddings, etc. so you'll know what you have and use it before purchasing more. You can find taller storage containers that work perfectly for this so that the rolls of wrapping paper won't fall over. Find them online for great pricing with free shipping offers.

Store all extra containers with the supplies underneath the worktable so they will be handy but also out of the way.

Organize Gift Wrap Supplies

Keeping the Gift Wrapping Station Clean and Organized:

Create Beautiful Gifts

Be sure to keep your worktable clean and dust free which will help to keep all your gift wrapped packages clean.

Search for decorative type containers at flea markets or online that would work well to help you stay organized in your new gift wrapping station. Personalize your area to be a place that you will enjoy using.

Always remove all garbage from your workspace as you are working to help it stay clutter free.

Once your gift wrapping station is organized, you'll have more time and flexibility to do creative wrapping projects and to present beautiful packages. Have fun!

Use all your gift wrapping supplies before you shop for new or more items to help keep clutter down and to save money! Good luck with your new gift wrapping station and I hope this will help you to get organized and minimize the clutter in your home.